13 Workouts To Give You The Edge

Train like the athlete you are.

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Whether you’re watching at home or getting on the field, you can’t help but to get excited for fall sports! Football, baseball, hockey, and basketball spoil us as they strive for our attention. If you’re an athlete at school, or for an office team or community organized league, you need to be one step ahead this season. These workouts will get you there.

Success in sports requires conditioning, endurance, and explosiveness. The workouts we’ve provided offer all three. Increasing your endurance ensures that your muscles can withstand prolonged exertion from the second the clock starts to the moment you’ve won the game. Plyometrics are great at increasing your explosiveness, thus increasing your power. Think faster running speed and explosive pitching. Conditioning regulates your muscles. They become leaner, stronger, resistant to injury. We’d hate for you to miss the season. Work hard and get ready to be MVP!

1. Killer Kettlebell Workout Challenge

Killer workout. Killer results. Strengthen up here.

2. Increase Speed and Endurance with Fartlek Training

Increase Speed and Endurance with Fartlek Training

The more miles you put on your sneakers, the faster you’ll be. Outrun the competition here.

3. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

Simple move but lasting results. Build your endurance here.

4. Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill!

Ya Gotta Tabata On The Treadmill

Challenge yourself to a run like never before here.

5. One Circuit for A Total Body Workout

One Circuit for a Total Body Workout

One body. One circuit. One guarantee. You’ll be the best. Start your rounds here.

6. Athletic Conditioning Workout Challenge

Athletic Conditioning Workout Challenge

You’re an athlete. Train like one here.

7. 10 x 10 Climb and Descend Upper-body Workout

10 x 10 Climb And Descend Upper-Body Workout

Climb through this workout. Everest isn’t necessary.

8. 10 x 10 Climb and Descend Lower Body Workout

10 x 10 Climb and Descend Workout

Your legs will be shaking, shocked, but strong after this workout.

9. Get Fit Home Workout Challenge

Get Fit Home Workout Challenge

It’s time to get a little uncomfortable at home. Get off your couch here.

10. 15 x 15 Climb and Descend Ab Workout

climb-and-descend-ab-workout-challenge-copy copy

A strong midsection is key to being a top athlete. Climb your way to the top of the stats sheet here.

11. Iso-Hot Workout

Iso- Hot Workout

Start heating things up here.

12. Improve Flexibility, Balance, and Strength with This Routine

This total body workout brings balance to all the weights and strength training you do.

13. Weekend Plyometric Challenge

Weekend Plyometric Challenge

Get ready to become explosive! Start out performing here.

Training for sports but a high demand on your body for hydration and energy. Check out some these articles to keep you hydrated, energized and focus before, during and after your workout:

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