15 Quick and Easy Power Snacks

Snack fast and happy.

Got energy? If you’re not eating two healthy snacks each day, you might be running on an empty tank at times. Check out these 15 quick and easy power snacks.

When women start losing weight, one of the biggest mistakes they sometimes make is not eating snacks regularly. The belief is that by cutting out snacks entirely, they’ll reduce calorie intake, and that will lead to weight loss. While counting calories is an important part of losing weight, the reality is that healthy snacks are a weight loss tool, too.

Quick snacks that include the right foods will help keep blood sugar more stable throughout the day, and that helps prevent the crashes that trigger overeating at the next meal and all-consuming cravings for unhealthy snacks.

What kinds of food give you the energy you need to get through the day? The answer isn’t inside a bag of chips or crackers. When you need snacks for energy the best choices are clean-eating foods that nourish the body with fiber, protein, and other nutrients. For additional healthy snack ideas, check out 50 Clean-Eating Snacks and 12 Clean-Eating Snacks for Weight Loss.

1. Classic Guacamole
Mash up a few ingredients for a healthy dip to enjoy with fresh veggies or whole grain chips. Our version offers avocado with jalapeno chili and spices.

2. Clean-Eating Almond Butter and Jelly
We love snacks like this one because it’s simple to whip up in advance, making it perfect when you need quick snacks for those on-the-go days.

3. String Cheese & Fresh Fruit
Low-fat mozzarella cheese sticks are as healthy for you as they are for the kiddos. Protein in the cheese provides lasting energy, while the fruit delivers fiber plus plenty of nutrients.

4. Snack Pretzel Stack
Banana slices and natural peanut butter make this one of those snacks for energy you’ll love whether you’re 6 or 60.

5. Zucchini Hummus
This healthy dip is a breeze to prepare. Keep it on hand for a fast veggie-n-dip snack you’ll feel good about.

6. Celery & Natural Peanut Butter
Old-school “ants on a log” is actually a great energy snack. Celery offers long-burning fiber while peanut butter delivers protein. Reach for an all-natural PB brand or try Simple Homemade Peanut Butter.

7. Greek Yogurt with Fruit & Nuts
With 15-20 grams of protein, plain, low-fat Greek yogurt is a good source of energy, especially after a workout. Add flavor with fresh fruits and a few nuts. You can also try Skinny Berry Parfait.

8. Almonds
These nuts contain healthy fats plus protein to make them no-hassle quick snacks for energy. There are about 100 calories in 14 whole, unsalted almonds. Learn why We’re Nuts for Nuts.

9. Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie
Slice and freeze the bananas and strawberries after your next grocery trip so they’re ready to pop in the blender at snack time.

10. Low-Fat Chocolate Milk
With a healthy carb-to-protein ratio, low-fat chocolate milk is a smart snack for kids and adults.

11. Skinny Nutella & Fresh Fruit
Ditch the processed brands and keep a skinnied-up homemade version on hand for healthy snacking.

12. Banana
A banana is the original easy power snack, offering potassium and B vitamins. Enjoy it plain or with a portion of Skinny Nutella (recipe above).

13. Superfoods Smoothie
Greek yogurt and spinach are great snacks for energy, especially when they’re combined in a healthy smoothie recipe.

14. Hard-Boiled Egg
Eggs offer protein and vitamins—learn why the egg is Nature’s Perfect Protein.

15. Turkey Roll-Ups
Roll unprocessed deli turkey with a slice of low-fat cheese or a low-fat mozzarella cheese stick for an easy-prep snack.


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