20 Protein-Packed Recipes for Weeknights

These filling recipes will rescue when you're crunched for time.

11. Roasted Corn and Black Bean Tacos (11 grams per serving)

Of the countless taco recipes out there, few boast an incredibly scrumptious and waistline-friendly profile. These clean-eating corn and bean tacos will satisfy your taste buds without hindering a healthy lifestyle.

12. Slow Cooker Chicken with Mushroom Gravy (28 grams per serving)

This recipe casts on the spotlight on turkey bacon, a scrumptious alternative to regular bacon that’s worth a fraction of the calories and fat. Indulge in this wholesome, comforting chicken dish that’ll satisfy a crowd and tastes like home.

13. Chicken and Broccoli Pasta Toss (28 grams per serving)

Dress up an ordinary pasta dish with juicy chicken and tender broccoli florets in this filling, flavorful dish! The satisfying meal delivers a hefty dose of protein and tastes incredible as leftovers!

14. Salmon Lentil Patties (22 grams per serving)

A healthier, lightened up alternative to ordinary burgers, these salmon patties call for clean, nourishing ingredients that offer up a bunch of feel-good nutrients. You can whip this recipe up in a snap, and it makes a guaranteed hit at family gatherings!

15. Grilled Chicken and Avocado Tacos with Cilantro Crema (38 grams per serving)

Tender, spiced chicken meets creamy avocado in this mouthwatering taco dish. Customize the hand-held meal by adding some zesty salsa, and other yummy toppings of your choice!

16. Protein Bean Salad with Tuna and Onions (10 grams per serving)

Chewy, fiber-rich beans pair perfectly with bold-tasting tuna in this refreshing salad recipe! Complete with a splash of olive oil and some finely chopped parsley, this simple, yet filling dish is a real winner.

17. Vegetarian White Bean Cassoulet (20 grams per serving)

Traditionally complex and super meat-heavy, cassoulets are a French classic that never fail to impress, but don’t rank high on the list of waistline-friendly recipes. This lighter version doesn’t skimp on flavor, and won’t sabotage your healthy eating goals!

18. Open Face Grilled Turkey Burgers (37 grams per serving)

This filling, insanely simple meal tastes delicious when when served over a bed of spinach and topped with juicy tomatoes. Yum!

19. Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Pie (19 grams per serving)

We’ve reinvented traditional enchiladas by working them into a melt-in-your-mouth pie recipe. This Mexican-themed dish will expose your taste buds to a colorful realm of bold, savory flavors you’ll never forget!

20. Stuffed Pepper Casserole (25 grams per serving)

The taste is irresistible! Make this casserole and enjoy the wonderful flavors of bell peppers combined with ground turkey and spices.


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