6 Exercises to Get a 6-Pack

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If you’ve been exercising for a while now, but you’re still having trouble losing that pudge around your middle, it may be that you’re not doing the right ab exercises. For instance, you might be simply doing crunches. Ab workout routines should be diverse in nature, challenging all areas of the core. These 6-pack exercises are designed to do just that.  So get ready for your new 6-pack fitness routine to tone, sculpt and define those abs!

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Equipment Needed: yoga mat or soft surface

What to Do: Perform this workout 3 times weekly for optimal results. It is a short workout because it is meant to be mixed in with your regular strength training routine, but if you’re a beginner, it’s a great starting point.


1. V-Ups – 8 reps
2. Reverse Crunch – 12 reps
3. Mason Twist – 30 reps (15 on each side)
4. Push Throughs – 12 reps
5. Bird Dog – 12 reps (6 on each side)
6. Plank – Hold for 30 seconds if possible


Reverse Crunch

Mason Twist

Push Throughs

Bird Dog


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