6 Lunches To Look Forward To

Planning meals can play a very important role in the weight loss journey. Keeping a food calendar that documents what you are going to eat for the upcoming week will help you stay on track and keep everything in perspective. Planning your meals gives you something to look forward to. Instead of having to scavenge through your pantry or Google the nearest take out restaurant, you can have seven healthy lunches waiting for you every single day.

Sunday – Cook a Chicken

Sunday is a day of rest, but it can also be a day to help you prepare for the week. Make a Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Roast and eat healthy for a few days! Have a little bit for dinner if you like, but what you want to do here is pick the meat off of the bones and put it in a plastic container for the week to come. You’ll see why in a second…

Monday – Chicken Salad Sandwich with Bok Choy, Red Grapes and Walnuts

Take some of your pulled chicken and use it in this recipe for your first lunch. To make things even easier, use a whole chicken breast and make twice the amount of salad to put aside for tomorrow’s lunch.

Tuesday – Chicken Salad “Salad” with Baked Apple Chips

Instead of making a sandwich, put your leftover chicken salad on top of a bed of mixed greens with some of your favorite vegetables. No dressing needed here! There should be plenty of flavor from the chicken salad. You can toss your greens with a little bit of olive oil and vinegar for added flavor.

Wednesday – Roasted Chicken with Kale Slaw

Toss your remaining chicken with this Kale Slaw for a refreshing lunch that will leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Thursday Root Vegetable Salad

Tired of chicken? Don’t worry, the rest of the week is full of fresh vegetables. While you are cutting up the carrots and jicama for this salad, cut up a little extra and put into a plastic container to save for tomorrow’s lunch. To keep the jicama’s sweetness, submerge it in water so that it doesn’t dry out.

Friday – Fresh Vegetables with Dip Trio

Snacks can be their own meal! They don’t need to be reserved for those afternoon cravings. Cut up some more vegetables to add on to the ones from Wednesday, like broccoli, celery, cucumbers and tomatoes. Try our Sweet Potato Hummus , Ranch Dip and Avocado Dip to go with your fresh vegetables.

Saturday – Girls Brunch

Have your girlfriends over to help you finish up any leftovers from the week. Serve the three dips from the day before with vegetables and whole wheat pita chips. Make a fun drink like our Bahama Splash and maybe a few other snacks like our Banana Blueberry Bars and Sweet Potato Pancakes.

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  1. Love these ideas, especially the three chicken dishes from the pot roasted chicken. I have to have plenty of protein to keep me satisfied.

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