60 Weight Loss Tips that Work

Think outside the diet & exercise box!

Many of us think the key to losing weight boils down to two simple concepts: exercising more and eating less. In reality, however, that’s a common misconception, and miles far from the case! Shedding pounds and melting fat doesn’t come from purely calorie counting or sweating it out on the treadmill. Instead, achieving your weight loss goals is made possible by tweaking your lifestyle, as well as making subtle changes to your daily routine. These small, simple changes add up and make it easier to lose inches while setting you up for long-term weight loss.

Here at SkinnyMs., we’re delivering some tried-and-true weight loss advice that’ll help you achieve your goals and make some valuable changes to your daily regimen. From getting more sleep to using smaller plates, these tips and tricks cover bases beyond calories and exercise. Let’s get started!

1. Time your meals.

Your body’s circadian rhythms, or internal clock, keep you running on a schedule. Eating at consistent times throughout the day can optimize your system’s ability to metabolize this food, and keep your blood sugar levels stable!

2. Don’t skip meals.

Skipping meals can put your system in starvation mode, and invite some whacky blood sugar fluctuations that can lead to intense cravings, and overeating later on. Avoid skipping meals to stabilize your blood sugar and hormones.

3. Stop eating earlier at night

Indulging in carb-rich meals or sugary treats before calling it a night can surely trigger weight gain. Stop eating after clearing your dinner plates, and consider a brisk walk or some light activity before hitting the pillow.

4. Read food labels

There’s a science behind reading labels in a rewarding way! Learn the ins and outs of dicephering labels by checking out these Quick Tips in Deciphering Food Labels

5. Munch on nuts.

Nuts contain monounsaturated fats, healthy fats that stimulate fat-burning centers in your body. They also boast a low glycemic index, meaning they release energy slowly, which stabilizes your blood sugar and insulin levels. Packed with health benefits, almonds steal the show when it comes to powerful nuts! Check out these 6 Reasons to add Almonds to your Diet.

6. Enjoy healthy fats.

Ironic as it may seem, the good fats, known as monounsaturated fats, can help banish bad cholesterol, strengthen your immune system, and accelerate weight loss. Add these  7 Healthy Fats that Promote Weight Loss to this week’s grocery list!

7. Banish sugar-laden snacks!

Waist-expanding refined and artificial sugars have snuck their way into countless products, and manufacturers have used other names to disguise them. Know your stuff by checking out these 50 Names for Sugar!

8. Opt for healthier cooking oils.

Swap your standard frying oils or butter with healthier alternatives, like olive oil (extra virgin, if possible!) These contain low levels of saturated fat and high smoke points, making them ideal for weight loss.

9. Meditate!

Do you find yourself snacking while stressed? Find your center and do some deep-breathing exercises. Meditation can help you cope with stress, and prevent those hunger-inducing stress hormones from knocking at the door! Here’s How to Find Time to Meditate.

10. Sneak in some pistachios.

These low carb, high potassium superfoods will melt fat, fuel a workout, and make your weight loss journey a whole lot yummier! These delicious Spinach Rolls with Ricotta and Pistachios feature the powerful, palatable nut!

11. Steam your veggies! 

A fantastic low-calorie alternative to stir-frying, Steaming helps conserve all those powerful nutrients, and requires no oil! Dig into this scrumptious Asian Coconut Rice with Steamed Vegetables dish!

12. Eat pickles!

These crunchy, tangy delights contain acetic acid, a powerful component that helps to reduce blood sugar levels and fat formation. Don’t overdo it, however! Pickles are typically high in sodium, so make sure to check the labels and monitor your consumption.

13. Don’t shop on an empty stomach!

When you shop hungry, each and every sugary, fatty indulgence will call your name, making resisting temptation so much more difficult! Grab a healthy snack, such as an apple or some nuts, before heading out the door.

14. Become a master roaster!

Using this cooking method, you can prepare a boatload of veggies easily, and the drool-worthy, decadent result will excite your taste buds and fill you up. Yum! This Roasted Cauliflower recipe calls for just 4 ingredients, making it a foolproof addition to any weight loss menu.

15. Write up a grocery list.

When you know exactly what you need, you’re less likely to scope out those tempting snack and candy aisles, and risk purchasing food that’ll only sabotage your weight loss efforts.

16. Set a time limit.

Giving yourself a set time to accomplish your grocery shopping will keep you focused, and less likely to make a junky impulse purchase or give into cravings.

17. Drink more water!

It isn’t uncommon to confuse dehydration for hunger. Besides acting as an appetite suppressant, water detoxifies, and keeps your system running strong. Check out The Role of water in YOUR Weight Loss, to learn more!

18. Skip the starters.

Skipping meals isn’t an effective weight loss strategy, but saying no to those calorific cocktails or half-off appetizers during happy hour can shave a hefty chunk of calories from your daily intake.

19. Dodge the bread at restaurants.

The ever-popular starch serves as a wonderful source of empty sugar calories, giving you a nice sugar rush before your meal, followed by a sugar crash and some powerful carbohydrate cravings. Kindly refuse the pre-meal bread, and say no to this blood sugar nightmare altogether!

20. Keep some healthy snack packs in stock!

Toss some nuts in a snack bag along with sliced veggies and fruit, and keep these nutritious packs on hand for a healthy go-to that’ll always rescue you when hunger strikes!

21. Use smaller plates.

This diet-free tip makes cutting cals a cinch. Using smaller plates creates an optical illusion that your serving sizes are larger, and you’ll automatically consume smaller portions! Take the Skinny Plate Challenge and reach your ideal weight.

22. Allow veggies to take the spotlight.

Slim down and trim up by devoting the majority of your meals to vegetables! These vitamin-rich, low calorie treasures of Mother Nature will fill you up with their fiber content, making you less likely to gorge on everything else.

23. Sweet tooth? Grab fruit.

Satisfy a sweet tooth nutritiously with a guilt-free, juicy piece of fruit. The fruit’s sweetness will hit the spot, while its fiber will fill you up without inviting dramatic blood sugar spikes. For more healthy treat alternatives, check out these 13 Healthy Snacks to Satisfy your Sweet Tooth.

24. Swap that chocolate bar with protein powder.

Chocolate protein powder, that is! After adding water, this protein-rich, decadent alternative will fill you up and satisfy that sweet tooth, without piling up the calories. Our Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake is made with clean protein powder and has 20 grams of protein.

25. Brush your teeth after a meal.

This clever tactic will help prevent post-meal snacking, especially before bed!

26. Snap some motivational shots with your camera.

Track your weight loss progress with your smartphone or camera! Visual examples of improvement will encourage you to persevere, and work towards your goals everyday.

27. Ditch the liquid cals.

Coffee drinks, sugary sodas, wine. These liquid indulgences have one thing in common- they won’t satisfy hunger but will pack on the pounds!

28. Wear tighter clothes to dinner.

Your stomach naturally expands as you eat. Wearing a tighter shirt or pants will make help you feel this expansion faster, ultimately sending signals to your brain that you feel full.

29. Enjoy a splash of apple cider vinegar!

Okay, so maybe “enjoy” doesn’t describe the experience accurately. But the tangy, nutrient-rich superfood carries a bunch of powerful health benefits that ca aid in weight loss. Get the 411 on ACV by checking out Apple Cider Vinegar: Folk Remedy or Weight Loss Secret?

30. Serve, then store. 

Store your food right after serving yourself, that way the additional dishes sitting on your counter won’t tempt you to overeat!

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