7-Day Low Fat Lunch Menu

High on flavor. Low on calories. It's lunch done right.

Lunch can feel like the lost meal. Sandwiched in the middle of the day, it’s a meal many of us are too rushed or too stressed to be bothered with. No more! Here’s a 7-day low-fat lunch menu that will fuel you to rock the rest of your day.

Make no mistake: food is fuel. The wrong foods may provide a temporary feeling of fullness, but they don’t support weight loss. Some of the worst culprits are those labeled “healthy.” Processed lunch ideas, including prepackaged weight loss shakes and frozen meals, often contain additives, like sodium, refined sugar, and artificial colors. Learn more in 3 Foods to Absolutely Never Eat Again.

One way to put a low-fat lunch menu to work for you is to plan meals in advance to avoid that “I have nothing to eat!” scramble. Many recipes can be prepped the evening before so you’re able to grab-n-go in the morning. Another way to make these lunch ideas work is to eat earlier rather than later. Research suggests people trying to lose weight shed more pounds when they ate lunch before 3 p.m. [1].

Day 1: Skinny Taco Lettuce Boats | 5 grams total fat per serving
Lean protein from ground turkey makes this recipe a fab choice for any healthy lunch menu.


strawberry spinach salad1

Day 2: Strawberry and Spinach Salad | 14 grams total fat per serving
Sweeten any lunch menu with this tasty recipe, which contains 0 grams of saturated fat. For a protein boost, add strips of cooked chicken breast.

Day 3: Simple Black Bean, Corn, & Quinoa Salad | 2 grams total fat per serving
Quinoa offers a complete protein source, making this a filling low-fat lunch idea.

Day 4: Sprouts, Veggie, and Cheese Wrap | 7 grams total fat per serving
We love this nutritious lunch recipe because it delivers protein and plenty of veggie antioxidant goodness.

Day 5: Chicken and Black Bean Chili | 9 grams total fat per serving
Prep this slow cooker recipe the night before for a super-delish, grab-n-go lunch.

Day 6: Tomato, Hummus, and Spinach Sandwich | 5 grams total fat per serving
From roasted garlic hummus to fresh veggies, this sandwich is a low-fat lunch menu winner.



Day 7: Clean-Eating Chicken Salad | 2 grams total fat per serving
Swap out deli chicken salad, which is loaded with calories and fat, for this easy-to-prep lunch recipe.

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