7 Superfood Smoothie Recipes to Rock Your Morning

Power-up your day.

Breakfast time is the right time to fuel your body with superfoods—and there’s no better way to do that than with smoothies. Morning smoothies are simple to prepare, offer plenty of whole-food goodness, and taste delicious. We’ve collected 7 superfood smoothie recipes to rock your morning.

Superfoods aren’t just any foods. While each superfood offers different benefits, from boosting the immune system to delivering energy, you’ll find that eating them regularly helps you look and feel better. In addition, clean-eating superfoods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, deliver nutrition without flooding your body with excess calories, refined sugar, or added sodium. Along with our superfood smoothie recipes, enhance your wellness with these 12 Superfoods Every Woman Should Eat.

We love morning smoothies for lots of reasons—and you will, too. A healthful breakfast refuels the body after its night-long fast, so you’re ready to take on anything from middle-school drama to morning meetings. Furthermore, eating breakfast has numerous health benefits, including protecting the heart and aiding weight loss. Learn more in 5 Reasons You Need Breakfast.

Avocado Pear Smoothie

1. Avocado Pear Smoothie
This is a smoothie recipe that will make you want to get out of bed! It has just five ingredients and is ready in less than three minutes. For another awesome recipe with superfood avocado, try Avocado Breakfast Pizza.

2. Superfoods Smoothie
This is the champ of superfood smoothie recipes. It combines the power of banana, spinach, berries, green tea, and more to supercharge your morning with nutrients that will keep you fueled.

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Big 5 Superfood Smoothie

3. Big 5 Superfood Smoothie
Five superfoods come together for this filling breakfast option. The recipe uses kefir, a yogurt-like food packed with probiotics and calcium. Find kefir in the dairy aisle.

4. Immune Booster Smoothie
Superfoods, like banana, avocado, and red kale, offer plenty of antioxidants to give the immune system a healthful boost you just won’t get from processed cereal or toaster pastries.

5. Fountain of Youth Smoothie
Part of helping skin maintain a youthful look is nourishing it the right way. Banana, kiwi, and avocado are just a few of the ingredients that will make this one of your go-to morning smoothies.

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6. Pomegranate Banana Ginger Blast Smoothie
Pomegranate juice makes prep for this recipe so simple that even a sleepyhead can handle it. The smoothie also delivers protein-packed Greek yogurt and anti-inflammatory ginger root.

7. Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie
Cooked quinoa, one of our favorite superfoods, is the foundation for this recipe, which also includes banana and raspberries. Prepare quinoa the day before and then chill it for easy smoothie prep the next morning. Learn the 6 Steps to Perfect Quinoa.

Smoothies with superfoods are a smart start to your day. Which smoothie sounds tastiest to you?

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