8 Workouts to Get Lean – The Tabata Way

Trim and tone with Tabata!

Tabata training provides a high-intensity workout that blasts fat without a long time commitment. Repetitions include 20 seconds of full-level effort with 10 seconds of rest. The entire workout from start to finish takes only four minutes, but it is possible to combine several Tabatas to create a longer workout. Though it might seem easy because sessions can be short, Tabata workouts are designed for experienced exercisers. You must be health and capable of performing intense levels of working out. The point is to rev the metabolism to achieve fat burning that lasts for several hours following the actual workout. These 8 workouts to get slimmer the Tabata way provide a variety of options for your fitness routine.

8 Workouts to Get Lean – the Tabata Way:

1. The Jazzed Up Jacks and Jumps Tabata Workout includes a variety of exercises to keep workout sessions fun. The routine requires a jump rope and interval timer. You should also keep plenty of water handy because you will sweat. Exercises in the routine include jumping jacks, squats, jump roping, burpees, high knees, and several other actions.

2. Ya Gotta Tabata on the Treadmill
This is a great high-intensity routine for those who enjoy running on the treadmill. It’s a great workout for the colder months, or rainy days, when you need to move your exercise inside. This is a 30-minute plan that includes speeds ranging from four to nine miles per hour. There is a slight incline for part of the workout, and it includes 20 second Tabata sprints.

3. Tabata Interval Training
This program is a basic Tabata routine. It is ideal for those just starting Tabata training. This workout includes a gentle five minute warmup and four minutes of Tabata intervals. It provides an opportunity to get a feel for high-intensity training and helps you realize just how effective this type of exercise can be.

4. Summer Total Body Tabata Challenges
This is an intense plan that helps you get on track for summer fitness. It includes many of the most popular Tabata exercises, including burpees, high knees jumping jacks, jump squats, jumping lunges, mountain climbers, jump squats, plank jacks, and push-ups.

5. Afternoon Burn
Our Afternoon Burn is a great way to shake an afternoon lull and get your metabolism pumping for up to 24 hours after your workout. It includes power jumping jacks, mountain climbers, bicycles and forward lunges.

6. Beginners 4-Minute Fat Blaster
This beginner’s workout is another great introduction to Tabata. Adding it to your usual workout routine three times a week can make a big difference in your weight loss. There are just two exercises, knee high marches and body squats, but they make a big impact.

7. Seven Day Back and Shoulders Challenge
This is a Tabata routine that targets a specific area of the body. It offers seven days of exercises that includes a single day of yoga for rest.

8. Inferno Four Minute Burn
This is a basic Tabata routine that pushes you to the max. It includes four different exercises.

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