9 Best Flat Belly Workouts

Beat the bulge.

Beat the bulge with the best flat belly workouts! Many women strive to attain a beautiful flat belly. It’s not just for a crop-top ready look. A toned tummy aids health and battles bloat.

When you fantasize about washboard abs, doubts might deter you. You assume accomplishing such a feat requires more crunches and sit-ups than you can count. Cast your doubts aside! Fortunately, there’s a host of stimulating, super effective options that target the abdominal muscles.

These fun and effective exercises are designed to trim, tighten, and tone your tummy without boring you to tears. With these workouts, achieving a flat belly is possible at any age. Did we mention they can be done anywhere? You’ll master these easy-to-follow exercises and achieve your dream belly in no time!

1. Flat Belly Workout
To get a flat belly, you have to hit those abs hard. Use this workout to target your abs at every angle and trim your belly fat away.

2. Love Your Lower Belly Workout
Our lower bellies are hard to slim down. This workout will hit your lower abs in all the right spots to make sure each crunch and lift gets the job done.

3. 8 Exercises to Blast Muffin Top Fat
Don’t just work on the front of your stomach. Use this muffin top workout to flatten your sides!

4. Fat Blasting Belly Sculpting Workout
In order to tone your belly, you’ll need cardio-paced routines that burn fat. This routine provides a fast-paced tabata routine to burn fat and an ab workout to tone your muscles. Combined, this workout is perfect for a beautiful midsection.

5. 7 Minutes to Whittle Your Middle
Hitting all angles is the best way to sculpt and condition your midsection. Use this workout to trim your belly with a combination of cardio and ab work.

7-Minute Workout for Flatter Abs

6. 10 Minute Belly Fat-Burning Workout
Challenges bring out a stronger version of our abs. This belly workout uses circuits with a short rest period to keep your heart rate up. You’ll burn from start to finish!

7. Awesome Abs Challenge
Push your abs beyond their normal workload. This workout hits each muscle for a minute. Push through and commit to the end!

8. ABS H.I.I.T. Workout
HIIT workouts burn fat and build muscles in a short amount of time. Use this high-energy workout to build the flat belly of your dreams.

9. Ab-Oblique Interval Workout
Obliques don’t get enough love in most ab routines. This workout targets your sides and destroys love handles.

After you try these workouts, challenge your abs with our 6 Weeks Flat Abs Program.

Use these recipes to define your abs. Clean eating and hard work equals results!
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