13 Easy Dinner Ideas

Easy dinner ideas that are perfect after a long, stressful day!

13 Easy Dinner Ideas

Busy weekdays often turn into chaotic weeknights. If you don’t have a healthy meal prepared ahead of time, it can be all too easy to turn to a quick, unhealthy option instead. Over time, this can lead to weight gain and other health problems. These healthy and easy dinner ideas can be an absolute lifesaver when you’re crunched on time, not only for your mind but your waistline as well!

13 Easy Dinner Ideas

In addition to being loaded with incredible flavors, textures, and nutrients, each of the meals below are super simple to make! Add variety to your diet and take the stress out of your night with these easy dinner ideas.

1. Zucchini Ravioli

easy zucchini ravioli

This first recipe puts a simple and healthy spin on traditional ravioli. We’ve cut down on carbs by replacing pasta with freshly shaved zucchini. Genius, right? While this is a vegetarian recipe, we’ve included an option to add turkey sausage for the meat-lovers in the group.

2. 6-Ingredient Orange Chicken

orange chicken

If Chinese takeout could be this healthy, I’d eat it a lot more often! This sweet and tangy recipe comes in at fewer than 400 calories per serving, but it offers a substantial dose of protein. 

3. Roasted Veggie Kebabs

Roasted Veggie Kebabs

You won’t be able to get enough of these Roasted Veggie Kebabs! Chopping and skewering the veggies is the toughest part. After that, it’s smooth sailing. These skewers are perfectly seasoned and full of vital nutrients, making it a must-try recipe when you’re looking for easy dinner ideas.

4. Cilantro Lime Chicken

Cilantro Lime Chicken

Keto dieters will delight in this zesty, high-protein, low-carb Cilantro Lime Chicken! This versatile protein can be eaten on top of a bed of lettuce, with a side of rice and veggies, or shredded up in a tasty sandwich.

5. Instant Pot Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken

Instant Pot Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken

Our Salsa Verde Chicken recipe is chock-full of so many delicious flavors and textures. It’s creamy, zesty, and straight-up delightful. What makes this recipe even better is that it can be on the table in fewer than 30 minutes! 

6. Slow Cooker Italian Meatballs

Easy Italian Meatballs

This recipe cuts down on fat by replacing the typical pork and beef base with ground turkey or chicken instead. By the time you add in the onions, garlic, and seasonings, you won’t even be able to tell the difference! If you doubt us, just try it for yourself.

7. 3-Ingredient Chicken Tacos

Easy Chicken Tacos

Chicken tacos are always delicious, but what makes this recipe even better is that you only need three ingredients to make it happen. Throw the ingredients in a skillet, cook it up, and dig right in!

8. Black Bean Soup with Avocado

Easy Black Bean Soup with Avocado

This soft and rich Black Bean Soup with Avocado will literally melt in your mouth. Each serving of this vegetarian-friendly meal offers 22 grams of protein and an incredible 18 grams of fiber! If you need something to warm you up and fill your tummy, this soup is an excellent option. On a side note, the creator of this recipe also mentioned that sometimes she likes to eat her leftovers cold!

9. Shrimp Taco Bowls

Shrimp Taco Bowls

Shrimp tacos are the perfect combination of seafood and Mexican food. This taco bowl recipe is low in fat and loaded with protein. It also is one of our favorite recipes for meal prepping, which comes in handy during busy a week!

10. 5-Ingredient Sweet Potato Panini

5-Ingredient Sweet Potato Panini

The sweet flavor and meaty texture of this simple panini recipe will ensure that you don’t miss the meat — even a little bit. Add in the crunchiness from the shredded beets and saltiness of the feta cheese, and you have yourself a scrumptious, well-rounded sandwich!

11. One-Skillet Mac and Cheese

One-Skillet Mac and Cheese

I strongly believe that everyone needs to have a solid mac and cheese recipe like this one on hand at all times. We usually don’t think of mac and cheese as healthy, however we’ve used whole wheat pasta and reduced-fat cheese to cut calories so that you can enjoy this comfort food, without any guilt!

12. 3-Ingredient Tender Broiled Salmon

3-Ingredient Tender Broiled Salmon

Salmon is one of the most nutritious protein options on the planet! The fact that this delicious fish can be prepared so easily certainly doesn’t hurt, either! In fewer than 20 minutes, you and your family can be enjoying this heart-healthy meal.

13. Skinny Turkey Meatloaf

Skinny Turkey Meatloaf

Meatloaf is another meal isn’t generally thought of as healthy. That said, we put another healthy spin on traditional comfort food by swapping in turkey for beef. Although this recipe may have a few unique ingredients, we assure you that you’ll love it just as much as Mama’s meatloaf!

So, which one of these easy dinner recipes are you interested in trying first? Have you tried any of them already? Leave us a comment, below!

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