12 Sensational Easy Spring Appetizer Recipes

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It’s almost springtime, which means it’s time to let the fresh vegetables and light seafood shine. It’s a great opportunity to harvest the freshly grown vegetables from your backyard garden and showcase them in some fun appetizer dishes. We collected our favorite easy spring appetizer recipes that will impress your guests with their elegance. Get ready to entertain!

1. Asparagus, Cherry Tomato, and Feta Tart

Two of my favorite spring flavors are asparagus and cherry tomatoes. They just really celebrate the arrival of spring’s warm weather perfectly! Earthy, green asparagus flavors and sweet, savory cherry tomatoes melt into this crunchy tart, which can be sliced into individual appetizer portions. Add in some salty feta and you have yourself a new favorite for easy spring appetizer recipes!

2. Roasted Artichoke with Skinny Aioli

Roasted artichokes are a really fun party appetizer treat because so many people have never really had them. The canned variety is so popular, but why serve those when it’s so easy to roast up this spring vegetable! They’re really quite delicious, too, especially when served with a side of skinny aioli. This appetizer is simple and flavorful, so it will definitely be a party hit.

3. Barley Salad with Chickpeas, Fava Beans & Peas

What could be more spring than fava beans, peas, and fresh herbs? I can’t think of anything! This amazing salad is super filling from the barley but oh-so-fresh from all the vegetables. This is a great way to say hello to fresh green vegetables after a long winter of root vegetables. I like turning this salad into an appetizer by coring out cherry tomatoes and filling them with a scoop of this hearty salad. It makes a great healthy addition to the appetizer table at a party!

4. 2-Ingredient Sour Cream Dip

What could be so easy that it would be at the top of an easy spring appetizer recipes list? A recipe that only has two ingredients! All you need is sour cream and salsa and you have the perfect dip to go alongside your favorite spring vegetables. Blanch up some asparagus, green beans, and broccoli to serve up alongside raw spring vegetables like radishes. This crudite platter with dip makes a perfect party appetizer.

5. Zucchini Crostini Snails

After the squash blossoms have bloomed, you’ll start to see your spring zucchini come forward in the garden. These zucchinis are so tender and delicious, they’re perfect for simple appetizers. This zucchini crostini snail is so much fun to serve up, especially if there are kids at the party. Everyone will really love how the fresh flavor of zucchini comes together with the light and tangy goat cheese spread.

6. Shrimp Skewers with Garlic-Lime Marinade

Garlic marinated shrimp really embodies what spring flavors are all about. They’re so light and fresh tasting while also being filling and satisfying. The lime in the marinade really makes it feel festive, too. These appetizers couldn’t be easier to whip up, either – and everyone loves a handheld snack at a party!

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