20 Low-Carb Recipes for Weight Loss

Low-carb AND delicious!

Low-carb diets are certainly a popular choice for many people. However, whether you’re brand new or seasoned when it comes to low-carb eating, everyone can use some extra pointers from time to time. If you’re ready for some new ideas that are healthy and delicious, then keep reading! Check out this detailed list of low-carb recipes for weight loss! You’re sure to find something to suit your taste buds.

1. Low-Carb Loaded Cauliflower Casserole 

No list of low-carb recipes for weight loss would be complete without something involving cauliflower! This delicious casserole is the perfect comfort food that happens to be low-carb and much healthier than other casseroles out there!

2. Low-Carb Philly Cheesesteaks 

Can you say YUM? This amazing recipe has all the cheesy goodness you could hope for minus the unnecessary carbs. When you whip up something this good, you’ll wonder why you settled for anything less.

3. Slow Cooker Turkey Sloppy Joes 

Check this low-carb option; it makes an amazing meal. This is the type of dinner that the entire family can get behind. Low-carb foodies couldn’t ask for a more delicious option to add to their weekly meal plan.

4. Slow Cooker Stuffed Bell Peppers 

Stuffed bell peppers are always a low-carb favorite. There’s so much flavor packed into each and every forkful of this recipe! Don’t settle for anything less than a healthy meal for you and yours.

5. Slow Cooker Eggplant Lasagna 

Lasagna isn’t usually classified as one of the low-carb recipes for weight loss, but this version certainly is! Instead of relying on carb-heavy pasta, turn to eggplant instead. You’ll still get all the traditional flavors of lasagna without all the excess carbs. Just make sure to check the number of carbs on the jar if you’re using store-bought marinara sauce.

6. Cauliflower Fried Rice 

Looking for a quick meal? Check out this cauliflower fried rice recipe. It tastes like something you’d get at a restaurant; it’s that good. Low-carb eating really doesn’t get much better than this!

7. Grilled Chipotle Chicken and Cauliflower “Rice” 

Don’t you just love recipes that include a side? That’s exactly what you get with this incredible meal. Take the guesswork out of weekly meal planning with this all-in-one option.

8. Slow Cooker Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs 

Any list of low-carb recipes for weight loss just wouldn’t be the same without this gem of a recipe! There’s plenty of cheesy, flavorful goodness in this recipe. And yes, it’s still low carb.

9. Sundried Tomato Chicken 

If you love sundried tomatoes, then don’t pass up this low-carb meal! Sundried tomatoes bring a unique flavor that takes this dish from ordinary to absolutely extraordinary. Try it for yourself to see just how amazing it is.

10. Thai Curry Soup 

We all need comfort foods from time to time! This recipe nails it, all without worrying about the carbs. It has all the bold flavors you need to satisfy your taste buds. If you want to reduce the carbs even further, halve the amount of corn and peas.

11. 30-Minute Lemon Basil Shrimp and Asparagus 

Shrimp and asparagus go so well together! Don’t believe me? Check out this low-carb meal that is nutritious, light, and fresh. You will definitely walk away from the table totally full without sacrificing your diet.

12. Slow Cooker Texas Chili 

Everyone should have a good chili on their list of low-carb recipes for weight loss! This meal offers an excellent blend of flavors that you just can’t get with other recipes. If you thought low-carb meant bland, this recipe will prove you wrong.

13. Skinny Mississippi Pot Roast 

There’s nothing like a perfectly cooked pot roast, am I right? This healthier version of a classic is exactly what you need this week. You will have plenty of delicious flavor without the unnecessary carbs. That’s certainly a win!

14. Curried Salmon and Roasted Sweet Potatoes 

You have to add this meal to your low-carb meals list; it’s just too delicious not to! Salmon and sweet potatoes truly compliment each other in this meal. You don’t even have to worry about coming up with another side. This recipe has everything you need!

15. Slow Cooker Pork Tenderloin

Keep things simple with this pork tenderloin recipe. Slow cookers take the guesswork out of cooking, and they make weekly meal planning that much easier, too. Low-carb, simple, and delicious; need I say more?

16. Stuffed Philly Chicken Peppers 

This is the perfect meal for any occasion. It’s so full of flavor and incredibly easy to make. Low-carb never tasted so good!

17. Asian Chicken Wraps 

Lettuce wraps are always a terrific option for cutting down on carbs. Who says you need a tortilla? This recipe certainly proves that you can have a delicious wrap without one!

18. Steamed Salmon with Sweet Ginger Soy Glaze 

Nothing says healthy quite like steamed salmon. The subtle sweetness of this dish certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. You’ll absolutely love the blend of flavors of this recipe! To reduce the carbs even further, cut amount of honey in half.

19. Instant Pot Creamy Salsa Verde Chicken 

What kind of collection of low-carb recipes for weight loss would this be without an Instant Pot option? Not only is this a quick-and-easy way to get dinner on the table, but it’s also a healthy option, too.

20. 15-Minute Spicy Garlic Ginger Shrimp 

Fifteen minutes and a handful of ingredients are the only things that stand in your way of serving up this delicious meal. The spicy seasoning is just what you need to take your meal plan to the next level.

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