14 Skinny Breakfast Recipes that Make the Case for Best Breakfast Ever

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What is it about breakfast that some people love and others hate? Is it the idea of finally breaking the fast that makes people swoon? Is it that people just need time to wake up, and breakfast feels too forced? Eating too much, eating too little … neither is a good idea. So where’s the middle ground? These skinny breakfast recipes are your answer.


They were my answer too, and, to be honest, they still are my answer! Now, I’m not one of those people who feels that breakfast is too forced…ever. Seriously, ask my boyfriend. Unlike me, he’s not a breakfast person…ever.

If I didn’t make him breakfast in the morning, there’s a 100% chance that he wouldn’t eat until lunch time. Then he definitely would get one of my healthy eating lectures! Like I said above, eating too much isn’t a good idea. But, I also mentioned that eating too little isn’t a good idea either.

Since my boyfriend and I are on opposite ends of the breakfast spectrum, it’s important for us to get in the right amount of food. I sometimes need to be dialed back while he needs to be pushed ahead. These skinny breakfast recipes that make the case for best breakfast ever allow for us both to get the right amount of breakfast in first thing in the morning!

Whether you’re watching your weight, are tight on time, but know you need to get your metabolism going, need some recipes to inspire you to start your morning off right, or are like me and my boyfriend and just need some guidelines to keep you on track, these skinny breakfast recipes are for you.

And believe me when I say they’re not your average breakfast recipes. Gone are the days of a plain old granola bar, a bowl of cereal, or a simple bagel with cream cheese. Read on to find out what you’re missing in the breakfast world.

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