The Best Pre-Workout Recipes For Optimum Results

Spice up your pre-workout routine with these delicious, energy-boosting recipes!

Many people make the mistake of not properly fueling up before a workout. While you may think that working out on an empty stomach is better for fat loss, it can actually be quite detrimental to your health. Think about it this way: You wouldn’t try to drive your car with an empty gas tank, would you? No, of course not! Just like your vehicle, your body requires fuel to function properly. With that being said, this doesn’t mean you should eat just anything, but you do have some options. It’s no surprise that the best pre-workout recipes for optimum results are made with some of the most popular, energy-boosting foods. 

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There are several staple-foods that make the best pre-workout meals. These meals typically are lower in fat, contain moderate levels of protein, and are high in healthy carbohydrates. Below you will find ten of the best pre-workout recipes for optimum results. Most of them are quick-and-easy options, and some of them don’t require any cooking at all!

The Best Pre-Workout Recipes for Optimum Results


The first two pre-workout recipes include bananas. Bananas are one of the best foods you can eat before a workout. They’re not too heavy and they’ll provide you with loads of energy. Bananas are also chock-full of potassium that will keep your muscles happy and healthy!

Try our Morning Banana Split or these yummy Workout Banana Bites.

Eggs and Toast

This may be one of the most traditional breakfasts out there, and for good reason! Eggs and toast are an excellent combination of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. They will keep you full of energy for hours (making them an excellent pre-workout meal!)

Enjoy Black Bean and Egg Southwest Toast or give these delicious Egg Clouds on Whole Grain Toast a taste!


This is a go-to food for busy, fit girls! Not only is oatmeal tasty, but it’s also loaded with healthy carbohydrates that will fuel your workout and beyond. Overnight oats are an excellent option for those of you that are short on time. Make it the night before, grab it in the morning, and get out the door!

Try our Clean-Eating Refrigerator Oatmeal recipe and if you have a little more time, make some Banana Smash Oatmeal! You will NOT be disappointed.

Greek Yogurt

Talk about power-food… Greek yogurt is a significant source of protein, carbohydrates, and important probiotics. Eating Greek yogurt is an excellent way to power up before your workout. These two recipes take it up a notch by adding in some extra, delicious super foods!

Fuel your workout with the Morning Power-Up Energy Shake or try out this yummy Berry and Chia Yogurt Parfait. Is anyone else getting hungry? 


Last, but certainly not least, we have granola! There are literally hundreds of granola recipes out there but this Healthier “Energy-Boosting” Granola Recipe and our 10-Minute Stovetop Granola are two of our absolute favorites! You can choose to eat granola on its own, with milk, or even throw it in your Greek yogurt!

Try out one or all of these best pre-workout recipes for optimum results! Properly fueling up before your workout, will help you reach your goals so much faster. Of course it doesn’t hurt that they all taste delicious, too! 

Oh, and remember, it’s generally recommended to eat about 30 minutes prior to your workout.

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