Treat Yourself to a Spa Day at Home!

Stay home and treat yourself!

Treat yourself to a spa day at home!

Life can be stressful, and research shows that stress can wreak havoc on your metabolism. Once the stress hormone cortisol shows up, it becomes harder and harder to lose stubborn belly fat. What’s the best way to combat stress? Try pampering yourself with a spa day! And if you think self-care is out of your price range, think again. Spending money doesn’t have to be a barrier if you stay home and whip up these face masks, detox waters, and more.

Indulge with Hair and Face Masks

Whether you’re repairing dry, damaged hair or healing your skin, a hair and face mask can make you feel great. Most of our DIY recipes use common ingredients you probably have in the pantry. Some of them might surprise you! Don’t forget to give your dry lips a scrub and remove dead skin from your hands with a hand scrub, too. It’s important to exfoliate, especially if you live in a dry climate.

Don’t stop pampering yourself when the spa day is over! Keep the treatment rolling with natural anti-aging skin care tips, or try one of these 10 easy ways to get shiny hair. Most of the remedies use everyday household items that you already have on hand!

Take a Bath

It’s such a simple thing, but soaking your body in hot water can work wonders. It not only calms the mind, but it soothes sore muscles and softens your skin, too. So hop in the bath and get to relaxing. Add in one of these DIY bath detoxes to remove toxins from your body.

After your bath, keep your skin feeling ultra soft by whipping up this shea-coconut oil body butter or our DIY avocado body butter.

Light Lunches

There’s nothing like healthy, delicious food to make you feel pampered from the inside out. Complete your spa day with one of these superfood rich lunches!

Try to incorporate some of these superfoods for glowing skin into your spa day if you can. They all taste great, and they work wonders for your skin!

Refreshing Drinks

At fancy spas, they always greet you with a cooling cucumber water to calm your nerves. Whip up one of these drinks to do the same at home!

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