Twelve Amazing Workouts for a Flat Belly

Challenging routines for FAB abs.

Twelve Amazing Workouts for a Flat Belly

There are several different layers of muscles in the abdomen. These muscles all originate and insert at different angles. When speaking in terms of ab exercises, we need to make sure that you’re working all of these muscles. A solid core will improve your overall strength, as well as help to avoid injury. These flat belly workouts will do more than give you sexy, sculpted abs! They’ll make you stronger, fitter, and healthier than ever!

We’ve gone through our past ab routines and hand-picked 12 of our best workouts for a flat belly! You can be sure that these routines will target all of the muscles of your core (including your sides and lower back).

1. The Ultimate Fat-Sizzling Ab Workout

This fat-melting routine can be completed in as little as 16 minutes! It combines heart-pumping moves with core strengthening exercises to sculpt your abs and whittle your middle.

2. 10-Minute Tabata Workout for Abs

Tabata-style training is a great option for those of you that are ‘crunched’ for time! This workout is quick, taking only 10 minutes to complete, as well as highly efficient!

3. 7-Minute Workout for Flatter Abs

This fast and challenging flat-belly workout will target all of the muscles in your abdomen. It will tighten your tummy so that you can rock that crop-top on those hot summer days.

4. 2 Moves to a Flat Belly

This combination is simple, but don’t let that fool you! It’s totally challenging. These 2 moves are highly-effective, yet the whole workout only takes 6 minutes!

5. Six Pack in 6 Moves

The 6 moves in this routine will carve and sculpt all of the muscles in your core. You’ll be showing off that six-pack in no time! Add this workout in to your routine 2-3 times per week for best results.

6. Climb and Descend Ab Workout Challenge

I LOVE climb and descend workouts! They’re challenging and fun! This is a great routine to turn into a competition with your friends. Try it, today!

7. Flat Belly Workout (with bonus tips)

This program not only provides you with a killer ab workout, but also with bonus tips on how to get the flat belly that you’ve always dreamed of! Anything is possible when you set your mind to it and put in the work! Get it, girl!

8. Fat-Blasting Belly-Sculpting Workout

Do you want to burn fat while sculpting your abs? With this routine, you can do just that! It’s a 2-part workout that only takes 10 minutes! The first part combines high-energy moves to burn fat while the second half focuses on chiseling your core.

9. 8 Exercises to Blast Muffin Top Fat

Muffin tops are the best part of an actual muffin, however they’re not so great when they’re sitting on our hips. Fortunately, with proper diet and exercise we can lose the muffin top for good! Try these 8 moves. You will NOT be disappointed.

10. Awesome Abs Challenge

Challenge yourself and earn some awesome abs in the process! The moves involved in this routine will trim your waist and hips, leaving you with a beautifully sculpted stomach.

11. 7 Minutes to Whittle Your Middle

This is another workout routine that will help you burn fat while building muscle. A strong core will improve your quality of life with the added bonus of making your abs pop! Get out there and rock that two-piece!

12. 7-Minute Flat Belly Workout

Seven minutes for perfect abs sounds way too good to pass up, right? I think so too. This workout combines unique moves to set your abs on fire. There are no excuses not to participate in this one! It can be done from almost anywhere!

Top 12 Workouts for a Flat Belly

We must keep in mind that a huge part of getting a flat, sculpted belly is sticking to a clean, well-rounded diet! Eating nutritious low-calorie food throughout the day will keep you from eating too much, leading to weight loss. We all have abs, it’s just a matter of how much we’ve built them up and how much fat we’re able to lose above them. Diet and exercise are KEY to earning and keeping a killer core!

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