10 Clean Eating Appetizers for Entertaining

Indulge guests with delish, guilt-free foods.

Be the hostess with the mostest by serving recipes so delicious your guests won’t realize they’re eating “health” food. Serve plates of awesomeness with these 10 ultimate clean eating appetizers for entertaining.

Whether you’re hosting a book club meeting or celebrating a milestone birthday, your get-together doesn’t need to drip in fat, calories, and added sugar. The party recipes below give you nutritious, tasty options to serve your guests. You’ll discover plenty of flavorful whole foods that haven’t been processed to include the no-nos that typically define party fare: think white bread, refined sugar, and fatty cheese.

Clean Eating Appetizers

Our clean eating appetizers will satisfy the nibbling appetites of friends and family without leaving them feeling weighed down or guilty. What’s more, you can feel good about serving these party meals to guests who might cope with dietary restrictions.

Check out the dishes below, and then continue party planning the healthy way with 11 Clean and Delicious Party Dips and 17 Top BBQ Recipes for Entertaining.

1. Chili Stuffed Potato Skins

Chili Stuffed Potato Skins

Delish spices combine with kidney beans, corn, ground turkey, and more for a plate-clearing finger food.

Get it here: Chili Stuffed Potato Skins

2. Oven Baked Cheesy Artichoke Dip

Oven Baked Cheesy Artichoke Dip

Indulge guests’ taste buds with this flavorful and healthy dip recipe. Our skinnified version includes plain Greek yogurt, low-fat cream cheese, and whole wheat bread.

Get it here: Oven Baked Cheesy Artichoke Dip

3. Pizza Zucchini Boats

Pizza Zucchini Boats

No need to bulk up with waist-padding carbs when you can make pizza on a clean eating food like zucchini. All of the taste. None of the guilt.

Get it here: Pizza Zucchini Boats

4. Easy Zucchini Fritters

Use your skillet to prepare a no-fuss appetizer like these fritters, which incorporate whole wheat flour.

Get it here: Easy Zucchini Fritters

5. Turkey Sausage Balls

clean eating appetizers

Simple clean eating appetizers like this one are fantastic ways to satisfy appetites the healthy way.

Get it here: Turkey Sausage Balls

6. Focaccia with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Focaccia With Sun Dried Tomatoes, Mozzarella & Olives Recipe

Earthy Mediterranean flavors come alive in clean eating appetizers like this dish. Enjoy whole wheat focaccia topped with low-fat cheese, EVOO, and more.

Get it here: Focaccia with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

7. Salmon Avocado Bites

clean eating appetizers

Almost too pretty to eat, this recipe will grace any table with nutritious goodness.

Get it here: Salmon Avocado Bites

8. Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Cups

clean eating appetizers

This healthy recipe is super easy and majorly tasty.

Get it here: Broccoli Cheddar Quinoa Cups

9. Stuffed Calamari

clean eating appetizers

Yummy superfoods blend delectably in this non-fried alternative to typical calamari appetizer recipes.

Get it here: Stuffed Calamari

10. Tex-Mex Salsa

clean eating appetizers

Salsa is always a party favorite. Make your appetizer menu a success with this whole food recipe.

Get it here: Tex-Mex Salsa

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