12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Start your day out right with these Weight Watchers breakfasts!

The phrase “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is so well known, I feel a little cliche starting off with it. Except that it’s so true! Starting your day off with healthy proteins, lean fats, and tons of vegetables is the best way to set yourself up for success. That’s where these super-filling Weight Watchers breakfast recipes come in.

Personally, I find that my whole day starts to crumble if I don’t eat a good breakfast in the morning. I find myself craving more sweets and added sugars, and don’t even get me started on carb loading! If it has bread and cheese, I’m sure to want it if I didn’t eat a healthy breakfast.

The Weight Watchers program is great for so many things, and one of those things is creating a balance. The SmartPoints program makes it so easy to know exactly where you are for the day. So don’t worry about filling up on empty calories in the morning and choose one of these 12 super-filling Weight Watchers breakfast recipes instead.

1. Baked Vegetable Omelet (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

This healthy breakfast omelet is low in calories but high protein. All those proteins will fill you up and keep you feeling full for hours, even though there is no meat in this recipe! It’s loaded with tons of nutrient-dense veggies, so it will also help you get your daily servings that much faster. The other great thing about this recipe? You bake it in a casserole dish, so it might take 40 minutes to make but it can be baked ahead for a quick-and-easy weekday breakfast.

2. Healthier “Energy-Boosting” Granola (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

I love granola, but so many store-bought versions are pumped full of extra sugars. That boosts the calorie count and the point values beyond what I’m willing to eat for breakfast! But a healthy serving of whole-grain oats and healthy-fat-filled nuts is a perfectly filling way to start your day. We keep the points low with this recipe by using coconut oil and honey, which makes a pretty delicious combination, too.

3. Rise and Shine With These Greek Egg Muffins (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

By using a muffin tin to bake your egg “muffin” breakfast, you don’t have to use any bread at all! So skip the English muffins, bagels, and toast (and all the calories that come with it). This bite-sized breakfast is great for taking on-the-go on the weekdays. The flavors of the salty black olives and feta cheese will satisfy your carb cravings while the protein-rich eggs will keep you feeling full.

4. Blackberry and Chia Breakfast Pudding (8 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

If you’ve never made chia seed pudding, you should definitely make this recipe without delay! They’re full of fiber, so they’ll keep you feeling full all morning long. How it works – the chia seeds soak up the liquid from the coconut milk and thicken it, creating a beautifully textured pudding. The Greek yogurt adds a little bit of a tang to this sweet breakfast pudding, and it also brings a ton of protein to help keep you feeling full.

5. Egg and Bacon Stuffed Acorn Squash (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Recipes that use a vegetable as the baking dish are great for so many reasons. They’re not only beautiful to look at and super easy to make, but they also make cleanup a breeze! This stuffed acorn squash is full of healthy fiber and the protein from the eggs and bacon are super filling – and delicious, too! This is a great dish to serve for a weekend brunch.

6. Zucchini Bread Pancakes (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

In the summer, I always find myself with an abundance of zucchini from the garden. I always get really creative, but I never thought to make pancakes! It’s a brilliant idea because it’s super flavorful and delicious while also being super filling. It’s the perfect way to sneak a serving of vegetables into your life while enjoying a guilt-free, sweet treat.

7. Baked Oatmeal Casserole (9 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

When I’m looking for a sweet, hearty Weight Watchers breakfast recipe, this is my go-to meal. The casserole-style makes it great for feeding a crowd, and the heart-healthy ingredients keep it within your diet plan. It’s so tasty that no one at the breakfast table will believe that this is a healthy recipe!

8. Caprese and Smashed Avocado Toast (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

I think it’s so much fun how creative everyone has become with breakfast toast recipes! It’s not just about butter anymore, you can top your toast with any number of ingredients. My favorites always include healthy-fat-filled avocados, and this recipe is no exception. It goes one step further and adds savory tomatoes and sweet balsamic vinegar.

9. Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Add a little bit of protein powder to your favorite pancake recipe and you’ll set yourself up for success for the day. This recipe is one of my favorites because it adds in the sweet flavors of apples and cinnamon. Serve these pancakes with your favorite syrup, jam, or honey to really satisfy your morning sweet tooth.

10. Arugula, Mushroom, and Tomato Poached Egg Toast (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

For a long time, I thought that poached eggs were really hard to pull off, so I avoided them like the plague. But then, I gave them a try, and it turns out they’re really easy! Add those perfectly poached eggs to some whole-grain toast and add in a serving of vegetables. We like arugula, mushrooms, and tomatoes but you could play around with them if you like!

11. Applesauce Waffles (10 SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Some mornings, I just really want to load up on carbs. If I don’t listen to my cravings, I find myself eating a take-out sandwich or (worse) a few slices of pizza for lunch. This waffle recipe is perfect for those mornings because it fills me up with healthy carbs and the protein and fiber keep me satisfied until lunchtime.

12. Peach Pie Breakfast Parfait (10 SmartPoints)

12 Super-Filling Weight Watchers Breakfast Recipes

Peach pie for breakfast? Yes, please! This breakfast parfait is oh-so-tasty, but it’s filled with fiber-rich chia seeds and protein from the coconut milk and granola. There is no way you’ll walk away from this breakfast wanting more.

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  1. The poached egg dish point value seems higher than expected. You’d thick it had cheese or avocado. Would you mind breaking it out for me?

    1. Hi Karen, the points shown are using the old Weight Watchers Points! We’re in the process of updating all of the points to the new Freestyle program! I’ve gone ahead and updated the Arugula, Mushroom, and Tomato Poached Egg Toast recipe and it comes to 4 points.

  2. Sounds delish but some are a third to half of my points for the day, guess I can eat zero point foods for lunch or dinner. I wouldn’t use so much coconut oil or honey and still be healthy, tasty with less points.

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