15 Weight Watchers Snack Recipes

Don't miss out on snacks just because your watching your weight!

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Weight Watchers isn’t all about breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are plenty of yummy Weight Watchers snacks to keep you feeling full between meals and help you avoid the temptation of easy-to-grab junk foods. Try these 15 Weight Watchers recipes for on-the-go snacks that will satisfy your urge to munch while keeping you on track.

1.) Snack Pretzel Stack (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Previous Points: 3 | Points Plus: 3
This easy snack is as fun to make as it is flavorful. The recipe combines peanut butter, chocolate and banana for a snack that’s great for the kids to take along to school–and for you to sneak at your desk!

2.) Oven Baked Zucchini Chips (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Previous Points: 2 | Point Plus: 2
There’s no need to hit the vending machine when you have these crunchy, healthy chips on hand. They’ll satisfy your afternoon craving for something salty while weighing in at just 99 calories per serving.

Slow Cooker Cinnamon Honey Nuts Recipe

3.) Slow Cooker Cinnamon and Honey Nuts (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 5 | Points Plus: 7
Whip up a big batch of these sweet treats and separate them into individual servings to take along to work all week long. This delicious nut snack is reminiscent of the honey-roasted peanuts from the county fair—without all the added calories and sugar.

4.) Slow Cooker Bananas Foster (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 2 | Points Plus: 4
Our twist on this New Orleans favorite even looks sinful—but we promise it’s Weight Watchers friendly! We cut the sugar and butter but held onto the rich banana and rum flavors for a snack or dessert that won’t leave you with a single ounce of guilt.

5.) Spicy Pumpkin Hummus (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

Points: 1 | Points Plus: 1
Two unique flavors, pumpkin and tahini, come together in this delicious hummus that’ll only cost you ONE Weight Watchers point. Serve it with whole wheat pita chips or sliced veggies at your next get-together for a guaranteed home run.

6.) Clean Eating Raspberry Oat Bars (10 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 5 | Points Plus: 5
Whole wheat flour, coconut oil and low-sugar jam are married to form the ideal snack to satisfy your midday sweet tooth or your after-dinner dessert craving. This clean-eating recipe leaves behind all the excess sugar and carbs that come in most store-bought snack bars.

Southwestern Kale Chips

7.) Southwestern Kale Chips (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 3 | Points Plus: 4
Kale is pretty much the definition of a superfood, and this spice-filled recipe is as easy as they come. Store a few servings in airtight bags to grab and go on your way out the door.

8.) Bell Pepper Candy (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)

Points: 0 | Points Plus: 0
Who knew vegetables and candy could mix so nicely? These super-simple, tasty snacks are worth ZERO points, so skip the bag of guilt-inducing M&Ms and reach for these instead.

9.) Whole Grain Cinnamon Pita Chips (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 3 | Points Plus: 5
Ditch unhealthy, refined sugars and opt for these treats, made with the good kind of sweet ingredients like natural honey and cinnamon. Bonus: there are just three ingredients, making these a breeze to whip up.

10.) Chili Lime Spiced Pumpkin Seeds (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 4 | Points Plus: 5
Crunchy and zesty, these roasted pumpkin seeds are the perfect snack for those who like some heat! You can easily swap out the spices to make your own variations on this popular recipe.

11.) Pan Roasted Candied Pecans (8 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 5 | Points Plus: 6
Pecans on their own are a heart-healthy snack packed with Vitamin E. This recipe adds honey and sea salt to the mix for a sweet-and-salty munchie that’s great on its own or as a topping for salads and yogurt.

12.) Smoked Salmon and Ricotta Crostini (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 2 | Points Plus: 3
The saltiness of smoked salmon combines with the zestiness of lemon in this tasty summer snack. If you make this dish for guests, beware—it’ll be gone quickly!

Quinoa Crisp and Berry Parfait

13.) Quinoa Crisp and Berry Parfait (9 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 4 | Points Plus: 6
Quinoa isn’t just a side dish. It’s the main event in this crunchy berry parfait, which is an excellent substitute for your morning cereal or granola.

14.) Spicy Tailgate Meatballs (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 3 | Points Plus: 3
Tailgating is a favorite family activity, but it often goes hand-in-hand with greasy, fattening foods. Bring these spicy meatballs along to your team’s next home game and you’ll score big with everyone on the guest list.

15.) Baked Zucchini Fritters (3 Freestyle SmartPoints)

Points: 1 | Points Plus: 2
Traditional zucchini fritters are fried in unhealthy oil, but this dish is baked to bring you all the flavor without all the fat. These fritters work great on their own or as a side dish.

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