17 Fall Recipes to Flush the Fat Away

Sink into slimmer clothing with our tasty weight loss recipes.

Whether you’re rejoicing because the kiddos are back in school or you simply enjoy cool, crisp breezes, autumn will give you another reason to cheer: tasty fall recipes for weight loss. As summer produce winds down, fall foods like apples and pumpkins make their oh-so-delicious appearance. Add these 17 fall recipes to flush fat away to your healthy menu plan.

These fall fat-loss recipes have one thing in common: they offer yummy, minimally-processed or whole ingredients that are high on nutrition and low on fat, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Your body is nourished with the fiber, protein, and antioxidants it needs to reach and maintain a healthy weight—minus the junk ingredients that make it hard to shed pounds.

Another aspect we love about autumn is that the cooler weather is a fantastic reason to break out that slow cooker. You’ll discover several flush-the-fat-away recipes for the crockpot below. Simply prep ingredients in the morning, load the slow cooker, and then arrive home to a kitchen filled with the comforting aroma of a meal that’s ready to put on the plate.

1. Crockpot Baked Sweet Potatoes
Fiber-rich, and loaded with good carbs, these sweet potatoes make this delicious side dish one of those fall recipes you’ll feel great about serving yourself and your friends. Did we mention this easy recipe has just two ingredients?

2. Crockpot Low-Fat Beef Stew
Warm up on a cool autumn night with this healthy red meat recipe, which offers protein- and iron-rich beef along with a heaping helping of yummy vegetables.

Skinny Burrito Bowl Recipe
3. Skinny Burrito Bowls
We love flush-the-fat-away recipes like this one, which takes a classic meal and makes it healthier. Ditch unwanted carbs without losing one bit of flavor in this protein-rich recipe.

4. Chicken and Black Bean Chili
This stovetop chili recipe will warm you on a chilly night with its blend of flavorful spices and hearty ingredients.

5. Roasted Eggplant and Quinoa Salad
A simple one-bowl dish, this recipe is heavy on flavor and high on nutrition; quinoa is a complete source of lean muscle-building protein.

6. Skinny Eggplant Caponata
This warm, tasty entrée incorporates plenty of fresh produce, like zucchini and eggplant, that’s still abundant in the fall.

7. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Soup
Fall fat-loss recipes can be hearty! This healthy soup is packed with squash, beans, and other nutritional goodness to please your body as much as your taste buds.

9. Curry-Roasted Acorn Squash
Not only is squash full of vitamins like A and C, it’s also fairly low in calories for such a meaty vegetable–only 80 calories per cup.

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