9 Fast Workouts to Get a Fabulous Body

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Do you long for that beach bod back, but feel like you just can’t find the time to work out? Fear not! SkinnyMs. has compiled 9 Fast Workouts to Get a Fabulous Body so you can make progress on your own terms and in your own time. Most of these rock-solid total body workouts take just 10 minutes or fewer, so you can fit them in anywhere, anytime. Find that you’ve got a few extra minutes? Mix and match some of our super fast workouts to turbo-target problem areas and keep boredom at bay.

Wish you could see that cute belt buckle when you look down instead of that not-so-cute bulging belly, then start off with our 10 Minute Belly Fat-Burning Workout! Imagine what you could do if, every time you felt the urge to troll through Facebook, you made it a habit to use that 10 minutes (or more!) for one of the SkinnyMs. total body workouts. If you’re spending as much time on Facebook and email as most people out there these days, you’d probably end up working out at least an hour every day! Care to give it a try? 😉

1. 10 Minute Belly Fat-Burning Workout
Bellys are the centerpiece for our body. Use this workout to blast fat and tone the main attraction.

2. 8 Minute Lower Body Circuit Training
Luscious legs and a tighter butt are built faster by using a little bit of resistance. Grab some weights and get ready to reshape your lower half with this fast workout.

3. H.I.I.T Medicine Ball Workout
Medicine balls engage our core in every exercise we use them for. Use this full body workout to rethink exercises you may have already mastered. The extra ab work will help trim fat from your belly with each rep.

4. H.I.I.T. Your Arms Workout
Our HIIT workout isolates your arms and adds an additional total body fat blasting benefit. Keep your heart and arms pumping with this fast-paced workout.

5. 4 Minute Weightlifting Boot Camp
Boot camp workouts are designed to have you never quit. Be your own drill sergeant with this intense but fast workout.

6. 4 Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster
Kettlebells force us to use extra muscles to control them as we swing and dip them around our body. Combined with a tabata routine, this workout combines 2 fat blasting techniques into one quick 4 minute workout.

7. 6-Minute Fat-Blasting Workout You Can Do Anywhere
A do-anywhere workout makes the world your playground. For 6 minutes, work fast, rest short and burn fat with this workout.

8. HIIT Total Body Toning
Work from head to toe with our total body HIIT workout. This routine uses light dumbbells to help you add resistance, while burning through each exercise at a fast pace.

9. Beautiful Back Workout for all Fitness Levels
A sleek and strong back adds definition to any top you wear. Get rid of back fat with this fast workout.

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