23 Comfort Food Recipes that will Leave You Drooling

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We could all use a little more comfort from time to time. Whether it’s the change in season or we’re just in the mood for something creamy, warm, and delicious, comfort food is where it’s at! Of course, we’re always committed to providing quality recipes that have a healthy flair. But, flavor and texture are also a priority. If you’re looking for a meal you can cozy up with, then look no further! Check out these comfort food recipes that will leave you drooling!

23 Comfort Food Recipes that will Leave You Drooling

1. Spinach and Lentil Sweet Potato Stew

Nothing hits the spot quite like a hearty stew. This recipe combines incredible flavors like spinach, lentils, and sweet potatoes – just what you need after a long day. The rich flavors will satisfy your comfort food cravings and warm you up from head to toe.

2. Low-Carb Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

Do you know what definitely belongs on a list of comfort food recipes that will leave you drooling? A delicious casserole! Who doesn’t love the simplicity of a well-blended dish like this? Cheese, cheese, and more cheese! As a bonus, this recipe happens to be low-carb.

3. Instant Pot Skinny Spaghetti 

Imagine it: you’ve just arrived home after a long day, and you really don’t feel like spending your time in the kitchen. The Instant Pot comes to the rescue! In a matter of minutes, you can be sitting down to a piping hot bowl of delicious spaghetti! This is the type of meal that just makes you feel warm and cozy inside.

4. Slow Cooker Turkey Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes, anyone? Make this comfort food a little healthier by using turkey meat. You won’t be able to tell the difference! The sauce is still on point, and this is the type of meal that even the pickiest eater in your life will appreciate.

5. Traditional Ratatouille Recipe 

YUM! That’s the only way to describe this Italian classic! Bring all the traditional flavors to your tabletop with this satisfying meal. This is definitely one of the top comfort food recipes that will leave you drooling!

6. Honey Chicken with Vegetables

Get back to the basics with this timeless dish. Chicken and veggies never tasted so good! You’ll love the blend of flavors in this simple, yet 100% satisfying meal. Plus, it always helps that it’s a single pot dish that makes cooking and clean-up easy-peasy!

7. Easy Tuna Casserole 

Tuna casserole never gets the recognition it deserves. If you’re looking for something that is absolutely tasty and simple to throw together, then look no further than this meal. There’s so much cheese!

8. Skinny Mississippi Pot Roast 

Nothing says comfort food quite like a perfectly cooked pot roast! This is THE meal to serve up when you’re really in the mood for something that will make you feel warm on the inside. Add a couple of delicious sides, and you have a meal you can’t resist.

9. Slow Cooker Lentil and Veggie Stew 

Stews are a perfect option for those cold winter nights (or, really, any time of the year!). Check out this simple recipe that gets all the flavor without any of the work. Toss everything into a slow cooker, and you’re done!

10. Skinny Turkey Meatloaf 

You can’t really have a list of comfort foods without including meatloaf! This turkey version is not only flavorful, but it’s much healthier than the original, too. Serve this up when you want to give everyone a homemade meal they can appreciate.

11. Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 

Stuffed cabbage rolls are comfort food defined, and it doesn’t hurt that they have a few added veggies cooked right in! This meal is also customizable, so you can easily add in your favorite vegetables for the ultimate dining experience. Cook it up and serve it hot!

12. 5-Ingredient Instant Pot Mac and Cheese 

If you really want to serve up one of the best comfort food recipes that will have you drooling, then it has to be this one! Everybody loves mac and cheese! This version is hearty enough for everyone to appreciate, adults and kids alike.

13. Baked Chicken Quesadilla Casserole 

Baked Chicken Quesadilla Casserole

Take flavor to a new level with this baked chicken quesadilla casserole! You just can’t go wrong when you cook up a casserole. There are so many delicious ingredients mixed right in. Try this one for yourself to see just how quickly your family falls in love with it.

14. Skinny Slow Cooker Italian Beef

Comfort food is made so much easier with this simple recipe. Everyone should have a few slow cooker options on hand for those busy weeknights. This delicious dinner is a perfect addition to your weekly menu.

15. Instant Pot Turkey Lasagna Soup 

You’ve had turkey lasagna, now let’s make it even easier with this easy-to-make comfort soup! Instant Pots are so helpful because they cut down the cooking time drastically while still yielding amazing results. You will absolutely love the traditional lasagna flavors without any of the stress.

16. Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers 

Stuffed peppers are a delicious way to end your day. It’s a comfort food that is simple enough to make but certainly tastes fantastic. You will love the slow cooker version because it removes all the guesswork with cooking.

17. Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup

Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup Recipe

Minestrone is made to hit the spot! This simple, yet satisfying soup is just what you need when you’re craving extra-yummy comfort food. Of course, the slow cooker option makes it even easier!

18. 5-Ingredient Spinach and Pasta Alfredo 

Easy is what you want when it comes to comfort food! This simple to follow, 5-ingredient Spinach and Pasta Alfredo has all the creamy goodness you could possibly want! If you love pasta, then this is a meal you can get behind.

19. Slow Cooker Loaded Potato Soup 

Loaded potatoes are the best! Turn them into a soup, and they’re even more creamy and delicious. You are sure to enjoy this right down the very last spoonful! The creamy base and chunks of potato taste absolutely amazing!

20. Slow Cooker Chunky Squash and Chicken Stew

If you’re looking for a little something different in your stew, then check out this recipe! The chunky squash bites are filled with so much flavor.This definitely deserves its spot on the list of comfort food recipes that will leave you drooling!

21. Better-Than-Ever Fiesta Chicken Casserole 

This recipe is packed full of flavor! Fiesta chicken casserole really kicks things up a notch without making it too complicated. You will adore the flavors that this meal has to offer!

22. Crock Pot Creamy Chicken and Wild Rice Soup 

Creamy chicken and wild rice soup are where it’s at! There’s so much goodness packed into each and every bite of this flavorful and hearty soup! You’ll not only love the blend of flavors, but you can take satisfaction in knowing that you will walk away from the table with your stomach full!

23. Slow Cooker Shepherd’s Pie

You’ve heard of shepherd’s pie; now check out the slow cooker option! It still has the layers of deliciousness you’re looking for, but this particular recipe is even easier to make. Comfort food that’s easy to throw together? Yes, please!

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