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Get ready to tone up and blast fat!

Need fat-blasting workouts that burn away the wiggles and jiggles to reveal a toned, defined body? The Skinny Ms. team has you covered! We have an entire menu of weight loss workouts that will increase metabolism to keep you looking and feeling healthy. This guide shares some of our top fat-blasting workout routines.

First, let’s be clear that any physical activity is good physical activity. Even doing something as simple as taking the stairs or parking at the far end of the parking lot forces your body to do what it was meant to do: move. Our How to Walk 10,000 Steps a Day: 5 Can-Do Tips will get you started on the right track.

But what makes these particular workouts so special? These fat-blasting workout routines are designed, in part, to raise your metabolism by building muscle. Muscle tissue requires more calories to maintain itself than fat tissue does. Increasing muscle mass, then, allows the body to burn more calories naturally, throughout the day.

Fat-blasting exercises are just one part of a weight loss plan that works. Adopting healthy eating habits, as part of your lifestyle, is also essential for success. Instead of trying fad diets or “miracle” products, adopt a clean eating menu that emphasizes fresh, natural foods over those that are packaged, processed, or dripping with additives like sugar, sodium, and fat. Get started with 5 Dinner Menus with Fewer than 250 Calories and Best 8 Slimming Slow Cooker Recipes.

Top Fat Blasting Workout Routines:

1. Torch Fat in 20 Minutes Flat
When you’re looking for fat-loss workouts, put this one on your gotta-do list. It’s fast-paced, combining cardio and weightlifting for a routine that jacks up the metabolism for maximum fat burn. You will need a pair of dumbbells. Exercise newbies, this is an intense workout that might not be the right choice for you—but don’t worry; we have you covered below!

2. Beginner’s Total Body Fat-Blasting Routine
Whether you’re new to working out or it’s been awhile since you’ve broken a sweat, these fat-loss exercises are perfect for jumpstarting your new fit lifestyle. The moves are simple, but don’t let that fool you; they’re designed to transform the body into a calorie-burning machine. You’ll need a set of light dumbbells for this beginner’s workout.

3. Inferno 4-Minute Burn
Are you serious about burning fat? This routine is for you; it delivers an intense workout that focuses on the lower half of the body, which is home to your largest muscles. Those larger muscles require lots of energy to maintain—and toning them up will boost metabolism.

4. Beginner’s 4-Minute Fat Blaster Workout
There’s a reason this is one of our most popular fat-loss workouts. It provides the perfect blend of beginner-friendly exercises with fat-burning power. You’ll need a set of 3-10lb dumbbells and a chair.

5. 4-Minute Belly Fat Blaster
If you’re going to crank that metabolism for 24-hour fat burn, you may as well go for awesomely strong abs while you’re at it. Using just 2 ab-tastic exercises that can be done virtually anywhere, you’ll burn your way to a trimmer tummy.

6. 4-Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster
Kettle bells are an ideal way to burn fat because they require so many muscles to work together. The result is a combination of cardiovascular exercise and strength training that maximizes calorie burn. This routine takes only 4 minutes and requires 6-10lb kettle bells.

7. 4-Minute Fat Blaster plus Bonus Blaster
When you want a challenge, this is one of the fat-blasting workout routines for you. It incorporates tabata-style training to get the heart pumping. Get the most out of this workout by using a set of light dumbbells.

Don’t destroy all you accomplish through fat-loss workouts by eating portions that are too big. Check out Learning How to Control Your Portions and 6 Easy Ways to Reduce Portion Sizes.

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