10 Ways Body Weight is All You Need

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Did you know that your most valuable fitness tool is already in your toolbox? We’ve provided you with ten activities that utilize your body weight and yield amazing results. Learn what your body can do, and take it to the next level!

1. Back To The Basics

Back To the Basics Workout

Basic workouts don’t equal basic results. This workout will get you started.

Looking to increase your agility, speed, and coordination? The SPRI 5-Dot Agility Fitness Mat will bring a new dynamic routine into your workout.

2. Mini Morning Workout

Before Your Shower - Mini Morning Workout

Start your day off with this amazing body weight workout.

3. Super Toning Body Weight Workout

Body Weight Super Toning Workout

Tighten and tone from head to toe. Your workout is here.

Many of these workouts are performed on the floor. Get this Gaiam Tree of Wisdom Yoga Bundle to add extra comfort. The towel will keep you dry and the Yoga Bag allows you to take your workout anywhere.

4. 3 Equipment Free Workouts

3 Equipment- Free Workouts

Three different body weight workouts to make you stronger and leaner.

5. Ultimate Beach Body Body Weight Workout
Ultimate Beach Body- Body Weight Workout

Make your beach body your year-round body with this workout.

6. 20 Minute Amazing Weight Loss Workout

20 Minute Weight-Loss Workout

Weightless weight-loss! 20 minutes to results are here.

7. Hustle Up Body Weight Workout

Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout

A busy life doesn’t mean that you can’t squeeze in some quality exercise time! Start hustling here.

8. 7-Minute Body Weight Blast Workout

7-Minute Body Weight Blast Workout

Blast fat with this amazing 7 minute body weight workout.

9. Insane Fat Burning Bootcamp Challenge

Insane Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

Bootcamp without the pressure from instructors. Learn to push yourself with this intense body weight challenge.

10. 6-Minute Workout for Better Sleep

6 Minute Workout for Better Sleep

These body weight exercises will help you transition into a soothing sleep. Work hard here, and then start dreaming about how amazing you’ll look tomorrow.

Your workout should be hard. Making the right food choices doesn’t need to be. Look through our Skinny Eating section for more tips and recipes.

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