11 No Excuse Workouts That Can Be Done Anywhere

Exercise on your own terms with these quick, convenient workouts.

7-Day Lose Inches & Pounds Workout Plan

Is your schedule hectic with work, family, or both? Do you ever find yourself pushing your workout aside for another day? Well, these 11 no excuse workouts can be done just about anywhere, and will have you in shape in no time. All you need is a few minutes each day to make it happen.

1. 4 Minutes to a New You

4 Minutes to a New You

All you need is four minutes for this awesome interval workout.

2. 7 Exercises to Do Right Out Of Bed

7 Exercises to do Right Out of Bed

Complete your workout right when you get up, and add a little pep to your step. Grab the workout here.

3. At Home Fat Burning Workout

At Home Fat Burning Workout

No gym is needed for this fat-burning workout.

4. 6 Minute Workout for Better Sleep

6 Minute Workout for Better Sleep

Get a better night’s sleep with this six minute workout that can easily be done from home.

5. Body Weight Super Toning Workout

Body Weight Super Toning Workout

This workout is perfect if you have a busy schedule.

6. Before You Shower Mini Workout

Before You Shower Mini Morning Workout

Get your workout done right before you shower. Find it here.

7. Back To The Basics workout

Back to the Basics Workout

Ditch the complicated exercises and go back to basics with this fat burning workout.

8. 7 Moves to Leaner Hips and Thighs

7 Moves to Leaner Hips and Thighs

Tone and define your legs with this awesome workout.

9. Summer Legs Workout

Summer Legs Workout

Get ready for the beach with this summer legs workout.

10. 4 Minute Fat Blaster plus Bonus Blaster

4- Minute Fat Blaster

Blast fat in four minutes flat with this workout.

11. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

Get in shape in no time with this jump rope tabata challenge. Find it here.


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