13 Guilt-Free Dinner Recipes for Weight Loss

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If you’re working to lose weight, your diet is just as important (if not more so) than your exercise routine. It’s not just about sticking to a strictly regimented meal plan; it’s about changing the way you look at food. Many of us make dinner the largest and heaviest meal of the day. In reality, for optimum weight loss, dinner should be healthful and light, just enough to tide you over until morning. That’s why you’ll want to bookmark these 13 guilt-free dinner recipes.

The ideal dinner for weight loss is made up of a healthy portion of low-fat protein, like fish or chicken, some combination of fruits and veggies, like a green salad, and a healthy carbohydrate like whole-grain bread or quinoa. You won’t find any heavy cooking oils or refined sugar in our recipes, just clean ingredients that give your body the nutrients it needs while also flushing out fat.

Mix these 13 healthy dinners for weight loss into your weeknight recipe rotation. They’ve been taste-tested and approved by our team and followers, so you know your family will love them.

1. Chicken and Black Bean Chili
Chili is one of our favorite recipes for weight loss because there’s no skipping out on flavor. It tastes indulgent, but it’s filled with veggies and protein and low on fat.

2. Quick-Prep Parmesan Crusted Chicken
It’s the classic Italian dish you love without all the added calories and cholesterol from frying. This parmesan Chicken is battered with Greek yogurt for a creamy base you’ll love.

3. Clean Eating Pizza Lasagna Rolls
You read that correctly—pizza meets lasagna in a dish that’s under 300 calories per serving.

4. Slow Cooker Low Fat Beef Stew
Quite possibly the ultimate comfort food, this heart stew weighs in at just 260 calories per serving.

5. Zucchini Crusted Pizza
All the ooey, gooey cheesy goodness of pizza with a crust made not of dough, but of zucchini. You’ll wonder why you haven’t made this sooner.

6. Stuffed Bell Peppers
If you’re new to clean cooking, it can be hard to imagine a veggie-based dish that’s still filling. But this one does the trick, with wild rice and a selection of spices.

7. Filipino BBQ Chicken
Mmmm, barbeque! Lemongrass, garlic and apple cider vinegar combine to form a clean-eating marinade that rivals your favorite Filipino takeout.

8. Skinny Lemon Chicken Skillet
Dinner is done in a snap with this citrusy chicken dish, perfect when paired with quinoa or brown rice.


9. Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Red Pepper Sauce
Pasta is so much healthier when it’s made with veggies! These zucchini noodles and the accompanying fiery sauce will curb even the strongest pasta craving.

10. Spicy Asian Chicken Meatballs
These meatballs sub in chicken for beef for a low-fat take on the favorite tailgate food. For a quick weeknight dinner solution, make these ahead and freeze them, then re-heat and eat.

11. Spaghetti Frittata
Eggs aren’t just for breakfast, they’re a superfood that’s fit for dinner when paired with simple spaghetti.

12. One Pot Curried Coconut Chicken
No muss, no fuss. This single pot curry dish reminds us of our favorite Indian takeout, only skinny style!

13. Fresh Spring Rolls with Smoked Salmon
Superfoods rule this Asian-inspired spring roll recipe. Carrots, cucumbers and cabbage, oh my!

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