14-Day At-Home Morning Bootcamp Challenge

Start your day early with an all-day fat-blasting boost.

I didn’t become a morning person until I changed my fitness habits. I always enjoyed running and working out at night after a long day. Once I got home, it was dinner, TV, then bed because I was exhausted. Switching to morning workouts freed up my evenings, helped me burn more fat, allowed me to feel more refreshed, and also let me go through the day feeling energized and focused. This 14-day morning bootcamp challenge gives you five workouts a week with all the benefits of starting your day early with an all-day fat-blasting boost.

14-Day At-Home Morning Bootcamp Challenge

14-Day Morning Bootcamp Challenge

Boot camp workouts are designed to push your limits with hard work and minimal rest. If this morning workout is the first thing you do once you hop out of bed, you’ll need a bit of a warm-up to start. Try this morning stretch to help you get up and going before jumping into the work.

The Plan

Starting your day earlier allows you to enjoy hobbies without distractions, provides a sense of accomplishment throughout the entire day, improves creativity and productivity, and helps you unwind at night. To get the most of this morning workout and to enjoy these health benefits, you’ll need an interval timer (available on most phones) and a set of medium dumbbells (think 10 to 20 pounds).

Every work morning, set your timer and push through each exercise and workout. On your off days, you should still wake up early and warm-up for the day. Transitioning into being a morning person takes time, but the feeling of having more time to enjoy your day will slowly start to be worth it.

This fitness challenge needs smart meal choices to get the best results. Compliment your morning Boot camp plan with our 14-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan.

Morning Bootcamp Challenge

Day 1: Early-Bird Boot Camp Workout
Day 2: 4 Minute Weightlifting Boot Camp
Rest Day 3
Day 4: 15-Minute Bodyweight Boot Camp
Rest Day 5
Day 6: 15-Minute Total Body Bootcamp
Day 7: Killer Circuit Bootcamp

Good sleep sets the tone for a better morning and day. These 6 Before-Bed Habits for Amazing Sleep will help you enjoy the zzz’s you need.

14-Day Morning Bootcamp

Day 8: Insane Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge
Rest Day 9
Day 10: Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge
Day 11: 15-Minute Fat Burning Boot Camp
Rest Day 12
Day 13: Insane Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge
Day 14: Killer Circuit Bootcamp

Still have more energy to burn after your morning workout? Try our 21-Day Double Workout Challengeto burn twice as much fat to tone and build a faster, stronger, and better body.

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