15 Best Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

There are few things that seem more fall-like than pumpkin. As the weather begins to cool and scarves and sweaters become the norm, thoughts begin to turn toward hearty, rich foods. Even if you are not ready for a full-blown Thanksgiving feast, you can find ways to include pumpkin on your menu.

The best pumpkin dishes for fall are filled with rich ingredients and distinctive pumpkin flavor. In addition to tasting great, pumpkin is also extremely healthy. It is packed with vitamins and nutrients, and it’s bright orange color indicates it is high in beta-carotene. It is low-fat and a great option for dieters. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, pumpkin is still a great addition to any diet. If you do not have time for an extravagant pumpkin dish, consider using the pumpkin puree listed below in a smoothie or mixed with granola.

When you have a little extra time, try creating a simple pumpkin recipe from the list below. Most of them take just a short time and some of them can be prepared in the slow cooker, so it requires very little kitchen time. If you are looking for delicious pumpkin recipes, either for a special occasion or just to enjoy on a chilly fall evening, these pumpkin dishes provide plenty of variety. As the leaves begin to change, choose one of these 20 best pumpkin recipes for fall.

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 15 Best Pumpkin Recipes for Fall:

1. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Custard Oatmeal (pictured above) is a great make-the-night-before option for breakfast throughout all of autumn.

2. Overnight Slow Cooker Pumpkin Pie Steel Cut Oats
If you want to up your grain-game, try steel cut oats with a rich pumpkin flavor.

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake
Think cheesecake must be reserved only for special occasions? This cheesecake is ideal all season long.

4. Crispy Kale and Pumpkin Croquettes
This savory pumpkin dish is perfect as a side dish or to bring to family gatherings on a cool fall weekend.

5. Pumpkin French Toast
This recipe is perfect for a chilly fall morning.

Pumpkin Spice Bread6. Pumpkin Spice Bread
This bread is satisfying, but not too sweet. It is a great alternative to banana bread.

7. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Butter
Love the taste of fruit butters, but tired of the usual apple variety? This recipe for pumpkin butter is a perfect alternative.

8. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Soup
Think pumpkin sweets and bakery goods are your only option for utilizing the orange globes? Nope! This savory soup is easy to make and great for warming up chilly fall evenings.

9. Fresh Pumpkin Purée
This puree is ideal for a variety of pumpkin recipes.

10. Pumpkin Raisin Oatmeal Baked Apple
Looking for a simple way to work pumpkin into your menu? This is a great option.

11. Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Bread Pudding
Bread pudding is delicious, but it can get boring. Adding pumpkin really spices things up.

Chili-Lime Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

12. Chili Lime Spiced Pumpkin Seeds
Why not use everything your pumpkin has to offer? These zesty seeds are the perfect fall snack.

13. Vegan Crustless Pumpkin Pie
Even herbivores get to enjoy a creamy pumpkin pie from time to time.

14. Slow Cooker Pumpkin and Cranberry ToppingThis yummy treat is the perfect topping for yogurt, oatmeal, and other fall specialties.

15. Pumpkin Soup Shooters with Baked Chickpeas
These individually portioned treats work as the perfect hors d’oeuvres for fall parties.

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