15 Easy Dumbbell Workouts Even Workout Haters Will Love

Start a love affair with working out today!

Dumbbells? Workout? Easy? Yes to all three! If you’re ready to join the millions of fitness enthusiasts, these routines are for you. Any of these 15 workouts will show you the benefits of workouts. And although bodyweight work is a great place to start, dumbbell workouts will help develop and change your body quickly. Get your gear ready, grab some water to stay hydrated, and get ready to fall in love with the physical  We guarantee that we can show you how to change hate into love.

15 Easy Dumbbell Workouts Even Workout Haters Will Love

Below are 15 of our favorite “intro” workouts. Choose between fat burning, body toning, total body workouts, or target a specific area. More options give you more opportunities to find a workout that you’ll love. Give them a try and let us know which workout changed your mind from a workout hater to lover!

1. Total Body Workout for Beginners

Total Body Workout for Beginners

An energizing introduction to the joys of weights. Target every muscle group and focus on reps versus moving as fast as possible.

2. Upper Body Toning Workout

Upperbody Toning Workout

Strengthen and tone your upper body with three simple moves that target multiple upper body muscles.

3. Beautiful Back Workout for all Fitness Levels

Beautiful Back Workout for All Fitness Levels

Don’t worry, we got your back. Enjoy these 4 exercises to build a beautiful back and get rid of back fat bulge.

4. Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout

Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout

Summer shoulders represent a sleek look and feel in your favorite tops. And even if it isn’t summer, you can enjoy this workout for year-round summer shoulders.

5. Killer Legs and Butt Workout

Killer Legs and Butt Workout

Start building legs and a butt to die for with this full lower body workout. We just have to bring them to life first.

6. 10 Minute Power Workout

10 Minute Power Workout

Power up with these 6 muscle building workouts. Stronger muscles bring faster results and help you feel more confident as you watch your strength and reps increase.

7. One Move to Tighter Glutes

One Move to Tighter Glutes

This single move build stronger and higher glutes. Grab some weight and enjoy the lifting and range of motion.

8. Armed & Dangerous

Armed & Dangerous Workout

You’ll have to register those arms as lethal weapons after this workout. Curl, press, and push your arms into perfection.

9. Buns and Guns Workout

Buns and Guns Workout

A strong butt and strong arm demands respect. This workout offers balance and building in the right places.

10. Ab, Shoulder, and Tricep Toning Workout

All arms. All toned. And all so sexy. Enjoy these six exercises to start reshaping.

11. Find Your Inner Spartan Workout

Find Your Inner Spartan Workout

This total body workout is for the warrior spirit in you. After a few weeks of trying these other workouts challenge yourself, with this advanced workout.

12. Tricep Tone it Up Workout Challenge for All Fitness Levels

Tricep Tone it Up Workout Challenge for All Fitness Levels

Get rid of that back of arm jiggle with this tricep focused workout.

13. 4 Minute Weightlifting Boot Camp

4 Minute Weight Lifting Boot Camp

Think of this as a one-song full-body workout. No one’s yelling at you though, you’re just motivating yourself.

14. Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout

Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout

Tone and shed all the unwanted excess from your arms with these 4 simple exercises.

15. Shape Up Size Down – Fat Blaster Plus

Shape Up Size Down – Fat Blaster Plus

Two options. Both blast fat. Make your choice with this fast-paced workout.

The Food you take in will help bring the extra change your body needs. Enjoy any of these 5 Breakfasts That Can Be Prepared in Under 5 Minutes.

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