15 Foods High In Protein

These foods will help you stay full longer.

You need protein when you’re trying to lose weight! It takes a lot of energy for your body to metabolize protein and break it down into smaller parts for the body to use. Eating protein is a win-win!

Foods with high amounts of protein make you feel full longer than snacks like potato chips, candy, and soda do. Junk food is also high in calories! There are plenty of tasty snacks and meals that contain high amounts of protein. We’ve put together 15 Foods High In Protein to show you how to eat healthy and stay full!

1. Yogurt
In addition to lots of protein, yogurt also has probiotics! It’s creamy, healthy, and delicious. Start your day off right with Easy Mint Yogurt with Strawberries or a Breakfast Yogurt Parfait to Go.

2. Meat
Meats contain great amounts of protein. We’ve got a lot of great recipes for you carnivores, like this clean-eating chicken salad.

3. Tofu
For vegetarians, chowing down on some tofu is a great way to make up for the lost protein from not eating meat! It also blends wonderfully in many dishes.

4. Avocado
From guacamole to salad, avocado is chock full of protein and super versatile! Give this smoothie a taste – it’s divine.

5. Cheese
Cheese is tasty, great on sandwiches, and full of protein! Since this goat cheese spread also contains yogurt, it’s a protein double whammy.

Crockpot Rosemary & Garlic Cannellini Beans

6. Beans
Try putting beans in salad, soup, or another recipe! They’re filling and nutritious.

7. Nuts
Nuts are another versatile high-protein food. Grab a handful as a snack and you’re good to go.

8. Fish
However you like it, fish is a great source of protein and can be fixed in a lot of yummy ways. Check out our fish recipes!

9. Quinoa
This superfood is nutritious and has a lot of protein. We’re big fans, so you’ll find a lot of tasty recipes like this one on the site. Explore your options!

10. Seeds
Seeds are a great high-protein snack. Enjoy something like this.

Egg and Toast Breakfast Cups

11. Eggs

Scrambled, over easy, omelette – however you like your eggs, have ’em! There’s a lot of protein in egg recipes like this one (plus it’s got avocado – another protein-rich food!).

12. Milk
In addition to keeping your bones healthy and strong, milk’s got protein to boot! Blend this scrumptious coconut smoothie for a clean morning treat.

13. Peas
Peas are a super healthy vegetable. Make this honeyed pea dish to please the whole family!

14. Hummus
Chickpeas in a food processor = awesome amounts of protein! Try this yummy hummus dip.

15. Falafel
Falafel’s unique, nutty flavor is delicious. Here’s a healthy recipe with a tangy kick!

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What’s your favorite healthy protein food? Let us know in the comments section below!

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