4 Exercises for Lean, Toned Legs

For sleek, sexy legs you'll love showing off.

From troublesome thighs to stick-like calves, the legs are a problem area for many of us. The good news is that a lower body workout that focuses on the legs can get your gams back in gear. Here are 4 leg toning exercises that can be done on their own or incorporated into another exercise routine:

1. Squats: These leg toning champs are a simple way to get the leg look you want—with no equipment required.

Try different squat variations here: 100 Prisoner Squats Challenge, Body Squat Challenge 100¸ or Split Squats.

2. Lunges: Another fitness program basic, lunges define leg muscles to create that long, lean look we all love.

For an awesome leg workout try these lunges: Weekend Plyometric Lunge Challenge

3. Leg Lifts: Tone up the hips and outer thighs with this simple workout move—a great addition to any lower body workout!

Try leg lifts in these workouts: Lower Body Circuit Training or 6 Moves to Get You Ready for Short-Shorts Weather.

4. Calf Raises: Don’t neglect shaping up those calves! The humble calf raise is an anytime, anywhere way to tone up the calves so the lower leg is ready to showcase your favorite flip flops or sandals. Use your own body weight or hold a dumbbell in each hand for added burn.

Try this leg shaping workout:  6 Moves to Leaner Legs Workout.

No matter which exercises for legs you choose, no workout is complete without a playlist to get you moving! Check out 26 Workout Songs to Keep You Going or Top 10 Pandora Stations for Workouts.

You can never have too many moves to slim and tone those legs. Make a quick recovery snack once you’re done also:
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