9 Best Foods to Eat When Giving Up Sugar

Satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way!

Try any of these 8 Best Foods to Eat When Giving Up Sugar to satisfy your cravings.

Giving up sugar can lead to better digestion, improved complexion, a healthier heart, and of course, diabetes control. But while all of these benefits are appealing, sugar can be even more tempting! Next time you find yourself craving sugary items that can wreak havoc on your health, consider choosing something from our list of sugar free foods to eat when giving up sugar, instead! They can sort out those cravings and satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthier way!

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Living Life Sugar Free

quinoa protein bars

Swapping out foods with added sugar can lead to many health benefits, ranging from improvements in how you feel to how you look. From healthier digestion and metabolic responses, to enhancements in your skin and hair, giving up sugar can make a huge difference in your day to day health. This lifestyle can also lead to better glucose control and heart health, especially for those living with diabetes. Research even shows forgoing sugar can lead to an increase in energy and satiety. This is because added sugar is processed really quickly during digestion, leading to a big energy crash with hunger cravings coming soon aftewards. 

Added Sugar vs. Naturally Occuring Sugar

Learn how to make healthy fruit popsicles and never buy them at the store again!

When we say “sugar free” we mean not containing any added sugar. Added sugar comes from things that are obvious, like sugar and brown sugar, but sources also come under a guise, such as honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, coconut sugar, brown rice syrup, and fructose. While some of these added sugars do offer some health benefits, such as vitamins and minerals, when it comes down to it, they are all still sugar.

Naturally occuring sugar is found in things like fruit and dairy. This form of glucose often comes with other nutrients like fiber and protein to help slow down absoprtion, therefore better controlling your blood sugar. They are not considered to be added sugars because they are naturally occuring within foods and ingredients.

Swap Out Your Cravings with these No Sugar Options

vanilla soft serve ice cream

For these foods to eat when giving up sugar, we’ve ruled out any of the added sugars listed above and stuck to only naturally-occuring sources. No matter what sweet you’re craving, we’ve got a swap for you! 

1. Craving chocolate?

chocolate coconut almond balls

Try these: Chocolate Coconut Almond Bites

Sometimes, all you want is some chocolate treats! Make these chocolate coconut almond bites for a rich and chocolaty taste– without the sugar!

2. Fighting your cookie cravings?

cherry almond oatmeal cookies

Check out: Cherry Almond Oatmeal Cookies

Baking without sugar can be tough, but finding great sugarless recipes can be a game changer! This cherry almond oatmeal cookie is sweetened with delicious dates and is packed with healthy ingredients.

3. Itching for sugary, flavored coffee drinks?

cinnamon spiced coffee

Try: Cinnamon Spiced Coffee

Almost everyone needs their daily cup of coffee, and it can be tough to switch it up if you’re used to adding sugar to your morning joe. Try this cinnamon spiced coffee for some new flavors– minus the sugar!

4. Longing for brownies?

fudge brownie bites

These No-Bake Fudge Brownie Bites are the perfect swap!

Brownies are one of my personal favorite desserts, and I bet many other people feel the same way. Swap in these suger free, simple, and easy fudge brownie bites for a quick fix!

5. Need a good grab-and-go protein bar?

quinoa protein bars snack

Try this recipe: Quinoa Protein Bars

You’d be surprised just how much sugar is hidden in many commercial (and homemade) protein bars. Instead, plan ahead with these quinoa protein bars for a great, protien-packed, no sugar added snack!

6. Tempted by a Reese’s Cup?

When made with sugar-free chocolate chips, our Peanut Butter Banana Cups will hit the spot!

Chocolate candies can sometimes seem impossible to resist. Try these peanut butter chocolate cups for a sugar free take on the classic candy. Just make sure to use sugar-free chocolate chips to hit your goal!

7. All you want is a milkshake?

Our vanilla bean yogurt shake will satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way!

Blend up this Vanilla Bean Yogurt Shake!

You’re destined to eventually get a craving for a rich and creamy milkshake. This vanilla bean yogurt shake will satisfy it without question! 

8. Scoping out a scoop of ice cream?

blackberry banana ice cream

Our Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream or Blackberry Banana Ice Cream are both great swaps! Or, try our 2-ingredient, Healthy Popsicles!

We love a good, healthy ice cream recipe. Give any of these options a try the next time your taste buds start screaming for ice cream!

9. Thirsting for fruity drinks?

Our tasty citrus spritz mocktail is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day!

Make a mocktail! Try our Citrus Spritz Mocktail or any of these other healthy Mocktails.

Sometimes a sweet and fruity drink hits the spot, and we’ve got just the thing (without the sugar!) Try any of the above mocktails for an impressive and fancy drink to quench your thirst and taste buds. You can even add a bit of alcohol to these if you’re hosting or need a good sugar-free adult drink option.

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