11 Favorite At-Home Workouts

Give your self a midday treat with any of these at-home workouts.

Here Are 11 Of Our Favorite At-Home Workouts To Enjoy When You're Working From Home

Regardless of the reason you’re working from home, it’s a great time to refocus on yourself and the available freedom. Working from home doesn’t mean you have fewer responsibilities, but it does mean you have more flexibility in how your day flows. At work, you’re stuck at a desk or screen for 7+ hours. At home, you can move around whenever you want. Most importantly you can take breaks to focus on your health. A midday workout is always a great way to close out the rest of the day strong. Plus, since you’re home, you can shower and freshen up right after. These are some of our favorite at-home workouts to enjoy when you’re working from the comfort of home — no equipment needed!

At-Home Workouts You Can Do When Working from Home

1. How To Get A Flat Stomach in 7 Moves

how to get a flat stomach

Having a flat stomach just makes you feel good. There’s never any need to suck it all in when you’re putting on your favorite dress, and you’re always eager to wear shirts that offer the world a slight peak. Theses seven moves target all your ab muscles to give you the perfect balance of slimming and muscle building.

2. 15-Minute Indoor Bodyweight HIIT

Body weight work is just you against you. Can you go up against yourself for 15 minutes and get the job done? Get a mat, create some space, and get ready for minimal rest while you push through the five exercises in this home workout.

3. Abs, Butt, Legs Home Workout

home workout

Amazing abs. Tight butt. Great legs. The holy trinity of an ideal fitness body! These seven exercises go through a nice flow and sequence to hit each of these muscle groups at a fast pace. You’ll trim fat but most importantly, build muscle to give you better toned results. Redevelop and sculpt the big three to perfection!

4. At-Home Fat Burning Workout

at home fat burning workout

It’s time to sweat it out at home. Each exercise is performed for 20 seconds and is followed by 10 seconds of rest. Sounds simple right? Nope. There are ten exercises, and the best results come from pushing yourself as hard as possible for those 20 seconds. Enjoy the rest while you can, and repeat!

5. INFERNO – 4 Minute Fat Burn

bootcamp for total body transformation

Time to Tabata! This 4-minute routine is similar to the previous workout, except its only four minutes of work. Tabata is one of the best fat burning sequences available. Try this home workout in the morning to start your day and keep your metabolism running all day long.

6. 7-Minute Body Weight Blast Workout

More fat-blasting for the perfect total body workout! Body weight work is a true test of your own individual strength. The stronger you are to work against your own body and gravity, the more you’ll feel empowered and strengthened in your daily life. Start the clock and get moving!

7. Get Fit Home Workout Challenge

It’s time to step up your home workout with some challenges. This challenge offers eight body weight exercises to get you fit from head to toe. If you have dumbbells lying around at home, you can add them to the routine to make it more challenging.

8. 6-Week Body Weight Workout Plan: Your Guide to a Slim & Sexy Body

6 week body weight workout plan

Just like you commit to working every day, you should commit to a workout plan. For six weeks, you’ll work out with only one rest day a week. Enjoy the diversity these workouts bring, switch up the routines throughout the morning and afternoon, and have fun as you start to see total body transformation.

9. WeightLESS Workout Challenge

weightless workout challenge

This weightless home challenge is similar to Tabata work — 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off to rest. Start off with one round and as you get stronger each week, add another round.

10. 4-Week Body Weight Workout Program

9 Best Bodyweight Workouts You Need to Master

You think enough at work, so let us do the thinking for you. This four week-program features some of our top-rated bodyweight workouts that you can easily perform at home. Plan your week ahead, choose when you plan to work out, and stick to the schedule to keep yourself focused and healthy.

11. 30-Day Body Squat Challenge

Woman doing squats as part of a Do This Squat Challenge to Get Your Booty Firm and Round

What better way to truly transform your lower half than with a squat challenge. Build your glutes, tone your legs, and push yourself to work.

Working from home means you’ll need food to keep you focused and energized. Pair any of these home workouts with one of these 24 Lunch Recipes For Weight Loss.

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