High-Protein Shopping List

Power your body with these top protein foods.

Protein is power—at least when you’re losing weight and maintaining a healthier body. Whether you’re on a mission to shed fat or build lean muscle, we’ve got a high-protein shopping list to power up your journey.

There’s no question about it. The human body needs protein. It’s an essential component in every cell, where it’s used for all sorts of functions, from creating enzymes to building muscle tissue. Unlike fat, protein isn’t stored in the body, which means we need to consume it on a regular basis. Adult women should consume about 46 grams per day. If you’re pregnant or nursing that number bumps up to 71 grams each day.

When you want a high-protein shopping list, the healthiest choices are those that offer protein without saturated fat or excess calories. In addition, avoid protein foods that contain high levels of sodium and preservatives, such as hot dogs.

Bookmark, pin, or print out the healthy shopping list below, and then, for additional high-protein meal ideas, visit:
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1. Almonds | 6 grams per 1 ounce (about 22 almonds)
These nuts are on our high-protein shopping list because they pack a lot of nutrition in a teeny-tiny package. Almond Protein Smoothie makes a fab breakfast, light lunch, or post-workout snack.

2. Black Beans | 15 grams per cup
Wrap up high-protein goodness with Black Bean and Sweet Potato Wrap.

3. Lentils | 13 grams per ¼ cup
Slow Cooker Red Lentil Curry is just one of the yummy recipes you can make with foods from this high-protein shopping list.

4. Quinoa | 8 grams per 1 cup
Skinny Quinoa Stir-Fry is a delicious one-pot meal that offers lasting energy.

4. Edamame | 8 grams per ½ cup
Edamame is delish as a snack or as a topping for your favorite Salad Recipes.

5. Egg | 6 grams per large egg
A whole grain tortilla is topped with egg, avocado, and more in Breakfast Pizza, which will fuel you for the morning.

6. Greek Yogurt | 23 grams per 8 ounces
Sink your spoon into Lush Lemon Frozen Yogurt made with Greek yogurt. Protein for dessert? Who knew?

7. Low-Fat Milk | 8 grams per cup
Skim milk is the perfect way to give those muscles a protein boost. Coffee drinker? Try milk-based, naturally-sweetened, homemade Coffee Creamer.

8. Sardines | 22 grams per 3 ounces
Check out 21 OMG Omega-3 Recipes for healthy meal ideas that incorporate sardines and other tasty clean-eating ingredients.

9. Tofu | 12 grams per 3 ounces
Try Spicy Grilled Tofu with Szechuan Vegetables for a protein-packed, healthy alternative to take-out.

10. Tuna, Canned Light | 22 grams per 3 ounces
Treat your taste buds to Mediterranean-style cuisine with Barley, Tuna, and Mozzarella Salad.

11. Turkey | 24 grams per 3 ounces
Don’t save turkey for Thanksgiving feasts! Try Turkey Cutlets with Quinoa Pilaf for a twist on traditional high-protein meals with chicken or salmon.

12. Wild Salmon | 22 grams per 3 ounces
A healthy option on any high-protein shopping list, this fish tastes fabulous in Pan-Seared Salmon with Balsamic Roasted Vegetables.

13. Tilapia | 21 grams per 3 ounces
Baked Tilapia with Spicy Tropical Salsa combines this high-protein fish with the tropical taste of mango and lime.

14. Lean Ground Beef | 23 grams per 3 ounces
Occasional servings of lean ground beef can be part of a healthy lifestyle. Try Slow Cooker Beefed-Up Enchiladas this week.

15. Chicken Breast | 24 grams per 3 ounces
Our Chicken and Crisp Veggie Sandwich  delivers gourmet taste using whole, clean-eating ingredients.

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