11 Waist-Trimming Workouts

Whittle that waistline and get back into those sexy jeans!

Waist Trimming Workouts

Are you ready to whittle away those extra pounds and finally fit back into your favorite pair of jeans again? In addition to a healthy diet, performing these 11 waist trimming workouts regularly will completely transform your body! Aside from making you look incredible, losing belly fat will improve your physical and mental health.

Improving Your Diet to Shed Excess Belly Fat

Along with these waist slimming routines, cleaning up your diet will have a huge impact on your physique! Increasing protein intake and decreasing consumption of sugar and saturated fat will help you drop those pounds fast! We have tons of healthy-eating plans to offer, and there’s literally something for everyone. Plus, each of the meal plans below come with a downloadable shopping list, to make getting healthy easier than ever!

Jump into one of the meal plans above, while you try these fun & effective waist trimming workouts over the next couple of weeks! Before you know it, you’ll be back in those tight & sexy jeans!

11 Waist Trimming Workouts

1. 10 Minute Power Workout

Get a fabulous, full body workout in just ten 10 minutes. This routine utilizes heart pumping exercises to get a lot done in a short amount of time!

2. Fat Scorching Tabata Interval Training

Increase your endurance and speed with this fat-burning tabata workout. You get to choose from 3 different workout routines!

3. HIIT Ab Workout

ab workout

This interval workout will rev up your metabolism and strengthen your core. Should we mention that it will help you sculpt some seriously sexy abs, too? 😉

4. Beautiful Back Workout For All Fitness Levels

back and shoulders challenge

Show off that beautiful back with this fat burning back workout. Did you know that tightening your back muscles can leave you with a tinier waist?

5. At Home Hamstring Workout

Don’t let the name fool you, this workout will get you to break a sweat! In addition to burning fat, it will help you build beautiful, shapely Summer legs. Plus, this routine can be done from the comfort of home!

6. Use Your Own Body Weight Workout

Burn fat and tone your entire body using only your body weight. It may sound easy, but it’s a challenge!

7. Ab-Oblique Interval Workout

This is an effective and fast paced workout that will transform your abs and obliques. The moves in this routine will pull your belly muscles together and leave you with a tight, flat stomach.

8. 10-Minute Lower Belly Burn Workout

This 10-minute routine will set your lower abs on fire! Well, not literally, but figuratively for sure!

9. Outdoor 4 Minute Fat Blaster

4-minute fat blaster routine

Head outside today for this 4-minute outdoor fat blaster. You’ll be glad you got up, got out, and got it done!

10. Hustle Up Body Weight Workout

Too busy to go to the gym? No problem! This body weight workout is just as effective and can be completed from anywhere.

11. 4 Minute Butt Lift Workout

Get a butt lift for free, with this awesome 4-minute butt workout. It’s super quick, but super worth it!

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Editor’s Note: Originally published Sep 5, 2015.

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