11 Ways to Get in Shape for Workout Haters

Fun, fast workouts even haters will love.

Who says working out has to be boring and time consuming? Switching up your workout routine and doing something you love can make working out fun and enjoyable. Here at SkinnyMs, we have compiled 11 quick and fun fat blasting workouts, for all you workout haters. Give one a try and see for yourself!

1. 4 Minute Lean Down Challenge

4-Minute Lean Down Challenge

Define and tighten all over with this fat burning workout.

2. Outdoor 4 Minute Fat Blaster

Outdoor 4 Minute Fat Blaster

Head outside for this four minute fat burning workout.

3. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

Get ready to be a pro at jumping rope by the end of this routine.

4. 4 Minute Butt Lift Workout

4 Minute Butt Lift Workout

Lift, round, and tighten your butt in 4 minutes with this ‘kick it up a knotch’ workout.

5. 4 Minute Weight Lifting Boot Camp

4 Minute Weightlifting Boot Camp

Get leaner and stronger with this weight lifting workout.

6. Afternoon Burn 4 Minute Workout

Afternoon Burn - 4 Minute Workout

Burn fat for up to 24 hours with this tabata 4 minute workout.

7. Fat Blasting Belly Sculpting  Workout

Fat Blasting Belly Sculpting Workout

Tone and define your abdominal muscles with this fat burning workout.

8. 4 Minute Beach-Ready Booty Blast

4-Minute Beach-Ready Booty Blast

Get that butt ready for the beach with this fun 4 minute workout.

9. Kettlebell Fat Blaster

4 Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster - Burn Fat Up To 24 Hours

Shake up your workout with this 4 minute kettlebell fat blaster.

10. Before Your Shower Mini Workout

Before Your Shower - Mini Morning Workout

This simple workout only takes a few minutes each morning.

11. 4 Minute Belly Burn

4 Minute Belly Burn

Get that flat belly you always wanted with this 4 minute workout.


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  1. Hi- I've found your website through Pinterest, and have been on it pretty consistently, gleaning information. I was wondering if you have articles for exercising after an injury. I injured my knee earlier this year, and after getting the go ahead to return to work, I'm still struggling to find activities that I can do that don't cause major discomfort after the workout. I am able to do upper body lifting, etc, but when it comes to using my knee- ouch! I know I need to figure something out, because the lack of strength in my knee is not helping it get better! Any input would be appreciated!

    1. Amy, Thanks. The best thing to do is to get a referral from your doctor to a good physical therapist. You can print out the workouts that you want to do, and a physical therapist should be able to make modifications for you. Hope that's helpful:)!

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