15 Workouts in Under 10 Minutes

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Ladies, start your engines! And start your timers too, because you only need 10 minutes for this collection of quick and effective workouts. Save time AND tone your body with your pick of 15 different targeted workouts for all areas of the body. Now you can fit fitness progress into your hectic schedule in just 10 minutes or less! Got a busy schedule, but no time to get in a workout? Grab one of these fast workout ideas to get fit and re-energize.

Think you still can’t fit a workout in? We know you’re busy. That’s why these SkinnyMs. fast workout routines are pocket-sized. Steal five minutes you normally would have allocated to email and Facebook, and voila! You’ve got 10 minutes. Now that you’ve found the time, scroll down and grab the 10 minute or less workout to fit your needs. The 10 minute workout world is your oyster, and these 15 quick workout ideas are your pearls! Try’ em on for size. We think you’ll like how they look.

1. 4-Minute Belly Burn
4 Minute Belly Burn
Get  your 4-minute belly workout here.

2. 4-Minute Fat Blaster for all Fitness Levels

Burn some serious calories with this fast paced fat blaster.

3. 4-Minute Lean-Down Workout
Get toned and lean with this amazing quick routine.

4. 8-Minute Lower Body Circuit Training
Love your lower body with this fast paced circuit workout.

5. 7 Minutes to Whittle Your Middle
Shed the belly fat in record with this quick workout.

6. 5-Minute Morning Workout To Kickstart Your Day
Feel energized all day with this short morning workout.

7. 6-Minute Workout for Better Sleep
6 Minute Workout for Better Sleep
Hit the sack and sleep like a baby with a 6-minute routine for a better night’s sleep.
Get some ZZZ’s.

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