A Day on The Clean Eating Overhaul

Get a peek at this popular fat-shedding program.

strawberry, almond butter, and oatmeal breakfast parfait

Considering the Clean Eating Overhaul 30-Day Weight Loss Program? Get the skinny on what a day on the month-long program is like!

The Clean Eating Overhaul 30-Day Weight Loss Program is designed to guide you through a lifestyle reboot that includes nutritious recipes and healthy eating tips. Written by Health & Nutrition Communications Specialist Isabel Smith, MS, RD, CDN, the program isn’t a diet. Rather, it’s a foundation for changing your life for good.

Step One: Get in the know.

Isabel shares a ton of tips to make it easier to incorporate these changes into your lifestyle. The program guide includes:

  • Portion control tips
  • Healthy snacking tips
  • Weight loss kitchen & pantry tips
  • Takeout and restaurant ordering tips
  • Label reading tips
  • Exercise tips

Reading these in advance provides the foundation for a day filled with good-for-you choices. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tips and tricks, focus on doing one or two of them really well. For example, maybe on day one you’ll choose to focus on reading food labels and portion control. Spend the next few days turning those actions into a habit, and then add another clean eating tip, like drinking more water. Over time, you’ll develop a healthier lifestyle that helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy one.

Step Two: Plan your menu.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is lack of a food plan.

Many people find it easiest to do weekly menu planning, but feel free to plan in blocks that make sense to you. The Clean Eating Overhaul 30-Day Weight Loss Program offers four weeks of meal plan options to help you get started.

Example of a Daily Menu

Breakfast: Strawberry Almond Butter and Oatmeal Breakfast Parfait
Lunch: Raw Kale Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette and Mediterranean Tuna Salad
Dinner: Slow Cooker Herb Chicken & Vegetables with ½ – ¾ cup steamed spinach or kale
Snacks: ½ cup plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries, ¼  cup nuts and one whole fruit (apple, pear, banana, etc.)

Once you plan the menu, stock up on the ingredients so you’re ready to go at meal prep time.

Step Three: Plan your exercise.

A healthy body starts in the kitchen, but exercise and movement are must-haves for shedding fat and keeping it off for good. The Clean Eating Overhaul 30-Day Weight Loss Program is focused on weight loss foods and recipes, but you can find all the exercise resources you need at Skinny Ms. Fitness. We share resources for nearly every workout level and preference, such as:

4-Minute Shred for Fast Weight Loss
Beginner’s Yoga Class
Circuit Training for Beginners
Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan

Step Four: Put your plan into action.

A day on the Clean Eating Overhaul is easier than you think, especially if you’ve planned which tips you’re going to start incorporating and which meals you’re going to prepare. Here’s a sample of what one day on the eating program looks like—we’ve added exercise into the day so you get a full view of how your day might go:

5-Minute Rise and Shine Morning Workout
Breakfast: Crustless Asparagus Quiche and Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Morning Snack: one apple and 12 unsalted almonds
Lunch: Cleanse & Detox Salad
Afternoon Snack: ½ cup of carrots with 2-3 tablespoons of Hummus
Dinner: Orange Glazed Salmon with Wilted Kale and Sweet Potato and Apple Slaw
Post-dinner walk around the neighborhood


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