13 Ways to Burn Extra Calories in Just 4 Minutes a Day

Get fit in just 4 minutes!

10-Minute Kettlebell Arm Workout - A quick and effective arm workout

Want to burn some calories, without taking too much time out of your schedule? You can achieve more than you might think in just 4 minutes, so we’ve compiled 4-minute workouts that will get those calories burning! Short workouts, long gains.

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1. Beginners Fat Burning Workout


Check out our 4-minute workout intro here.

Having weights at home can revolutionize your at home workout. The CAP Barbell Dumbbell Set is adjustable and has a case for easy storage.

2. 4 Minutes To A New You

4 Minutes to a New You

The new you is only a few minutes away. Change starts here.

3. 4-Minute Fat Burning Tabata Workout – 24 Hours of Fat Burning

4-Minute Fat Burning Tabata Workout

4 minutes is all it takes. Start your all day burn here.

4. 4-Minute Lean Down

4- Minute Lean Down Challenge

The only thing going up is your heart rate. Start your lean down here.

5. 4-Minute Kettle Bell Fat Blaster – 24 Hour Fat Burner


4 minutes of hell with a kettlebell. The rest of the day will be easy. Your workout is here.

6. Outdoor 4-Minute Fat Blaster

Outdoor 4-Minute Fat Blaster

Head outside, soak in some sun, and get ready to sweat. Workout is here.

7. 4-Minute Belly Burn


Let it burn! Trim that belly here.

8. 4-Minute Afternoon Burn


Take a break from work for a few minutes to get this workout done.

9. 4-Minute Fat Blaster plus Bonus Blaster Challenge

4- Minute Fat Blaster

Warm up with this fat blaster and then challenge yourself with the Bonus Tabata workout here.

10. INFERNO – 4-Minute Fat Burn

Inferno 4-Minute Fat Burn

You’ll need an extinguisher to help put this fire out. Workout is here.

11. Jump To It! 4-Minute Tabata Workout

4 Fat-Blasting Moves Jump to It Tabata Workout

Strong jumps bring strong results. Try this workout here.

12. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge

ump Rope Tabata Challenge

Skip away and lose unwanted calories. Start bouncing here.

Every workout routine can benefit from the addition of jumping rope. Not only is the Buy Jump Ropes Double Unders Jump Rope lightweight, it comes in a variety of colors so that you can personalize your own!

13. Torch Fat in 4 Minutes Flat

Torch Fat in 4 Minutes Flat

Blowtorch not required. Just one workout to burn it all away.

Although you’re burning calories, make sure you’re putting some back in to fuel your body for the rest of your day. Our Skinny Ms. Recipe Collection eBook has a variety of tasty food to keep you feeling focused from a hearty breakfast to savory desert.

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