15 Soups & Stews for Cozy Evenings

Cozy up, warm up, and whip up these delicious soups and stews!

Sometimes, all you want on a cold fall or winter night, or on a chilly evening when you’re feeling under the weather, is a nice big bowl of something warm–something comforting. On those nights, there’s nothing better than filling that big bowl up with a steamy serving of soup or stew. The problem with the basic soups and stews people often enjoy on those evenings is that they’re full of unnecessary calories and fats. Continue reading to discover 15 soups and stews for cozy evenings that will satisfy your cravings AND your waistline.

1. Greek Lentil Soup

Cozy up on the couch with a fuzzy blanket and grab a whole grain pita, some feta cheese, or even a spoonful of Greek yogurt to go along with this meat-free, protein-packed lentil soup.

2. Slow Cooker Chunky Squash and Chicken Stew

If you’re looking for delicious, subtle taste in a chicken dish, try this earthy, hearty stew. Precooking the chicken in a saucepan enhances the flavors before combining the ingredients in the slow cooker.

3. Chicken Turmeric Soup

Fight off flu season with this chicken turmeric soup! The flu is sure to steer clear of you once you’ve got some turmeric in you, and your muscles are sure to thank you for the 26 grams of protein you’ll get with just one serving.

4. Instant Pot Mexican Black Bean Soup

Turn your gloomy night into a fiesta with this party-esque soup that’s full of fiber and not full of calories.

5. Slow Cooker Greek Lemon Chicken Soup

Brighten up your day and your mood with this zesty lemon chicken soup!

6. One Pot “Stuffed” Cabbage Stew

This stew has only 217 calories per serving and is full of a variety of healthy ingredients. You can’t go wrong!

7. Slow Cooker Mushroom Soup

Get the creaminess of any ordinary creamy mushroom soup and not all of the unnecessary fat and calories with this healthy version made with Greek yogurt and skim milk.

8. West African Peanut Stew

This stew is not only savory and satisfying, but also super simple to make. Let the delicious ingredients fill your home with a warming scent while it cooks, and then fill your body with a nutrient-dense stew after it’s done.

9. Southwestern Stuffed Pepper Soup

This soup is just as warm, hearty, and delicious reheated so cook up a batch and fight off the chilly weather for days.

10. Slow Cooker Gnocchi Stew

You’re sure to feel better and warmer after enjoying this stew full of an Italian favorite: gnocchi!

11. Slow Cooker Root Vegetable Stew

This stew is loaded with yummy vegetables and is, therefore, the perfect cold-preventer during the season.

12. Slow Cooker Butternut Squash and Kale Stew

Perfect for vegetarians, this soup is packed with filling veggies! For those who aren’t vegetarian and prefer a meat source in their stew, add some chicken sausage and enjoy all of the nutrients this stew provides.

13. Slow Cooker Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup

Treat your cold with this healthier version of everyone’s favorite soup: chicken noodle.

14. Sweet Potato, Apple, and Chicken Stew

There’s nothing more comforting than fall foods, and this stew is made with two favorites! Cozy up with a serving on a cool autumn evening–you won’t be disappointed.

15. Slow Cooker Turkey Lasagna Soup

After soup and stew, pasta is next in line for foods to enjoy on cozy evenings. This soup makes for the coziest evening as it combines hearty Italian pasta with warm, steamy soup.

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