15 Weight Watchers Recipes for Healthy Weight Loss

Try these tasty low-point options.

One of the hardest parts of watching your weight is keeping track of what you’ve eaten throughout the day. Weight Watchers provides a solution to this dilemma with a simple way to track the nutritional value of what you’ve consumed in the form of points.

We’ve divided these 15 Weight Watchers recipes by category: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert. Pick one from each category to get you through the day, then mix and match all month long to create an endless menu of options that will fall within the Weight Watchers guidelines.

All of these recipes are crafted with clean eating ingredients packed with nutrients, protein, and fiber that will help you drop weight and keep it off. One great thing about Weight Watchers is that you can use it both to lose weight and maintain your weight loss. It’s a lasting road map to healthy eating.


Lemon Blueberry Lavender Muffins

1. Grain Free Lemon Blueberry Lavender Muffins (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)
If you’re working to cut grains from your diet, these fruity morning muffins are the perfect way to start your day. The unique blend of lemon, blueberry, and lavender flavors is a far cry from plain, store-bought blueberry muffins.

2. Skinny Nutella Banana French Toast Sandwich (8 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Whenever someone says a clean eating diet is too strict or boring, we point them toward this recipe. It looks like an indulgent breakfast dish you’d find on the menu at your favorite greasy spoon, but this healthy banana French toast sandwich has only 157 calories per serving.

3. Goji Berry Superfood Granola (11 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Get your morning going with this crunchy, berry-filled breakfast option. Our super healthy granola packs four grams of filling protein and is easy to grab and munch on your way out the door.



4. Steak Fajita Sandwiches (10 Freestyle SmartPoints)
One word — yum! Step up your lunchtime game with these savory steak fajita sandwiches. They bring all the flavor of your favorite Mexican restaurant without the added fat from unhealthy preparation. You can even make these fajitas ahead of time, wrap them in tin foil, and refrigerate them. Just pop them in the oven for a few minutes to reheat when you’re ready to eat.

5. Avocado and Mango Salad (10 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Mangos and avocados throw a one-two punch in the nutrition department. They provide Vitamins A, C, and K, folate, fiber, and antioxidants. The fruity topping is a nice departure from the basic garden salads you’re used to.

6. Quinoa Salad with Fresh Vegetables (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Once you realize how easy and versatile quinoa is, you’ll be hooked! It’s the perfect base for a lunch salad. Replace lettuce with quinoa as a bed for nutritious veggies. If you crave a little more protein, add grilled chicken to this recipe.


Flatbread Veggie Pizza

7. Flatbread Veggie Pizza (10 Freestyle SmartPoints)
This delicious and nutritious vegetarian pizza pie takes only 20 minutes to prepare and bake. That’s less time than it takes to order a pizza (and it’s much friendlier to your waistline!).

8. Open Face Grilled Turkey Burgers (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Burgers are always a crowd pleaser, but traditional ground beef is full of unwanted saturated fat and cholesterol. Substituting turkey makes for a heart-healthy option that even the kids will love. We’ve thrown mushrooms and herbs into the mix to ensure that these patties are full of flavor.

9. Mediterranean Penne with Arugula & Tomatoes (10 Freestyle SmartPoints)
What’s the key to a pasta dish that’s actually good for you? Simple: classic ingredients that meld perfectly and require no-fuss preparation.


Oven Baked Sweet Potato Tots Recipe

10. Oven Baked Sweet Potato Tots (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Tater tots are a gameday favorite, and many people have embraced sweet potato fries as a yummy alternative to French fries. Why not combine the two and produce these healthy sweet potato tots? Made with coconut sugar and a dash of curry, this snack comes with a hint of tropical flair baked in.

11. Bean Dip (0 Freestyle SmartPoints)
If you can’t resist the allure of a delicious dip, this one will win you over. Our skinny bean dip is a snap to prepare and tastes great as a topping for sliced bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and whole grain crackers.

12. Baked Apple Chips
It couldn’t be easier — or healthier — to prepare such a tempting alternative to potato chips. We suggest making a big batch of these baked apple chips on the weekend and portioning them out into Ziploc baggies to last through the week.



13. 5 Minute Peanut Butter Fudge (4 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Fudge is one of the most decadent of all desserts — and one that comes with the most snacker’s remorse. Indulge in peace with this skinny fudge recipe, which uses raw honey and the natural flavor of peanut butter instead of heaps of sugar.

14. Skinny Mini Blueberry Cheesecakes (6 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Portion control and clean ingredients team up to form these delicious mini cheesecakes, which also come with a heaping serving of antioxidants from superfood blueberries.

15. Grilled Peaches with Cinnamon, Vanilla and Honey (8 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Whipping up this tasty treat might make you feel like a cooking show contestant combining the complementary flavors of cinnamon, vanilla, and honey in perfect proportions. This dessert is sure to impress even the most discerning dinner guests!

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