15 Workouts to Slim Down and Shape Up

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Did the summer take you by surprise? Are you getting dressed each day without actually looking at yourself in the mirror? Well, let SkinnyMs. help you put a stop to that nonsense. With our collection of 15 slimming workouts, you’ll find something that you can do to make every part of your body more lovable to the most important person – YOU!

While we at SkinnyMs. believe you should love yourself no matter HOW you look, we know how good it can feel to bust some pounds and tighten some of those problem areas. That’s why we believe in total body workouts that you can take apart and mix and match to target exactly those areas that make you cringe the most.

Not sure you can do it? These SkinnyMs. slimming workouts are for everyone. Anyone who has a desire to make a change and just a small amount of time can use any (or all!) of the components below to create their own menu of quick and thorough total body workouts.

So, no more excuses! Go ahead and pick the body part that’s causing you the most stress and follow the simple instructions below to put that body part in its place. Before you know it, you’ll not only stop avoiding yourself in the mirror, but you’ll be going out of your way to take a second look! And so will everyone else.

1. Shape Up Size Down Workout for Beginners
Shape Up Size Down – Fat Blaster Plus

2. HIIT Total Body Toning
HIIT Total Body Toning Workout

3. Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout
Shape Up Size Down Arm Workout

4. Absolute Beginner’s Workout – Part 1

5. Shape Up Size Down ~ Find Your Abs Workout


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