40 Easy Memorial Day Recipes | BBQ Menu Ideas

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Memorial Day is right around the corner, and you might be feeling some stress. I am, anyway – I always worry about ruining my diet plan with all the unhealthy food available at these types of parties. This year, I’m hosting the party and I have the best BBQ menu ideas. These easy Memorial Day recipes are not only quick to prepare, but they’re healthy and filled with nutrient-dense ingredients.


Even if you’re not hosting the party, you can bring some of these easy Memorial Day recipes as your potluck offering. No one will even notice that they’re healthy, because these dishes are going to be super delicious!

1. One-Pack Shrimp Bake

This foil-baked shrimp makes cleanup a breeze, and it’s filled with so many tasty ingredients!

2. BBQ Chicken Foil Packets

One of these foil packets is perfect to throw on the grill. Protein and veggies, all in one tasty package!

3. Foil Baked Chicken and Broccoli

If you’re worried about healthy options, bring your own foil baked chicken. Everyone else will be jealous!

4. Black Bean Superfood Burgers

Skip the meat with these black bean burgers. These superfood burgers are absolutely packed with delicious flavor.

5. Buffalo Ranch Chickpea Burger

Combine your favorite wing flavors of buffalo and ranch with a meatless burger. Plant-based burgers are tasty and healthy.

6. Turkey Burger with Avocado Relish

You can’t go wrong with a burger that has avocado on top. No one will know these aren’t beef!

7. Quinoa Mushroom Burger

Combine superfood quinoa with nutrient-dense mushrooms for a tasty, vegan burger.

8. Grilled Salmon Sliders

Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids, so let’s turn them into the best burgers of the party! Miniaturize your meal by creating 8 delicious sliders from one filet of salmon.

9. Grilled Turkey Burgers with Cucumber Salad

Skip the bun and serve these turkey burgers with cucumber salad instead. The crunch will be super satisfying.

10. Spinach and Feta Turkey Burger with Tzatziki Sauce

Go Mediterranean-inspired with tzatziki sauce. Combined with salty feta, this will be one craveable burger.

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