Lose Weight with the Walk Fast/Slow Plan

This plan is perfect for those who are new to running or who wish to prevent injuries.

lose weight with the walk fast/slow plan

With exercises like jogging and running getting all the attention, walking tends to be left on the back burner. This walk fast/slow plan is about to change that! For some, walking might seem like effortless cardio, but it carries a boatload of health benefits. Moderate walking can trim your waist, help with weight maintenance, and lower your risk of diseases like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. Not to mention, research praises the act of walking for its ability to boost your mood, metabolism, and cognition levels.

Lose Weight with the Walk Fast/Slow Plan

Walking is a great option for people who are new to fitness, have injuries, or just have no desire to jog or run. But to get the most out of your walking regime, you must incorporate variation. This Lose Weight with the Walk Fast/Slow Plan combines moderate walking with a faster, more vigorous version. Powering through both forms of walking will strengthen your muscles and promote blood flow throughout the body, and preparing your system for the next level of fitness and total body transformation.

Twice a week, you’ll take a break from walking and do some cross-training instead. Cross-training gives your muscles time to repair themselves, ultimately preventing injury. Not to mention, switching up your workout keeps boredom at bay! On your cross-training days, focus on a combination of cardio exercise and strength-training (HIIT, Tabata, and circuit training are ideal).

Slow Walk

Think of this plan as a leisurely stroll with a focused goal. Tighten your abs, lengthen your spine, expand your chest, and keep your chin un-tucked so your airway isn’t restricted. Don’t exert too much energy; slow walking is supposed to keep your muscles engaged and your heart rate up. Your forearms should be slightly parallel to the ground as you stride.

Fast Walk

Fast walking or race-walking involves quicker arm and leg movement without the bouncing that comes with jogging. Watch the video below to learn how to fast walk/race walk. Note: Normal stepping works just as well as the single file described in the video. Do whatever feels more comfortable.

Tracking your walking distance mentally is extremely challenging. The Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband provides distance and time to help you get the most of the Walk Fast/Slow Plan. Additionally, it gives you a calories burned count, monitors your sleep patterns, and helps you maximize each workout.

Download your free Walk Fast/Slow Calendar and never miss a day!

 Lose Weight with the Walk Fast/Slow Plan

Week 1:

Day 1: 1 mile fast walk

Day 2: ½ mile slow walk, 1 mile fast walk

Day 3: ½ mile fast walk, ½ mile slow walk (repeat 2 times for = 2 miles)

Day 4: Cross Training

Day 5: Rest

Day 6:  ½ mile slow walk, ½ mile walk fast walk (repeat 2 times =2 miles)

Day 7: Cross Training

Week 2:

Day 1: ¼ slow walk, ¾ fast walk (repeat 2 times = 2 miles)

Day 2: ¼ slow walk, ¾ fast walk (repeat 2 times = 2 miles)

Day 3: Cross Training

Day 4: ½ mile fast walk, ½ mile slow walk (repeat 3 times = 3 miles)

Day 5: ½ mile slow walk, 1 mile fast walk (repeat 2 times = 3 miles)

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Cross Training

Week 3:

Day 1: Rest

Day 2: 2 mile fast walk, ½ milk slow walk, ½ mile fast walk (3 miles)

Day 3: Cross Training

Day 4: ½ mile fast walk, ¼ mile slow walk, 2 ¼ mile fast walk (3 miles)

Day 5: ¾ milk fast walk, ¼ slow walk (repeat 4 times = 3 miles)

Day 6: Cross Training

Day 7: 1 mile fast walk, ¼ mile slow walk (repeat 2 times = 2 ½ miles)

Week 4:

Day 1: ¼ mile slow walk, 2 mile fast walk

Day 2: Cross Training

Day 3: 1 mile fast walk, ¼ mile slow walk (repeat 3 times = 3 3/4 miles)

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: 15 minute fast walk, 1 minute slow walk (repeat 2 times = 32 minutes)

Day 6: Cross Training

Day 7: 20 minute fast walk, 1 minute slow walk (repeat 2 times= 42 minutes)

Week 5:

Day 1: 20 minute fast walk, 1 minute slow walk (repeat 2 times = 42 minutes)

Day 2: 2 mile fast walk, ¼ mile slow walk (Repeat 2 times = 4 ½ miles)

Day 3: Cross Training

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Cross Training

Day 6: 25 minute fast walk

Day 7: 35 minute fast walk

Week 6:

Day 1: 1 minute slow walk, 1 mile fast walk (repeat 3 times)

Day 2: Cross Training

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Cross Training

Day 5: 3 mile fast walk

Day 6: 3 ½ mile fast walk

Day 7: 4 mile fast walk

Keep Progressing with the Walk/Run Plan Next

Once you’re done with week 6, it’s time for the next cardio challenge. Take your walking to the next level with this Slim Down with the Walk/Run Plan, and start blasting more calories and fat! 

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