14 Day Amazing Abs Challenge

Two weeks to beach-ready abs!

amazing abs challenge

Summer will be here before you know it! Get yourself bikini-ready with our 14 Day Amazing Abs Challenge. The next two weeks will be challenging, yet completely rewarding. With fat-burning cardio workouts and ab-sculpting toning routines, you’ll be eager to show off your hard work when beach weather hits. To get the most out of your hard work, you should pair this ab challenge with clean eating. No, you don’t need to diet! Simply clean up your typical nutrition to uncover your amazing abs. Check out our tips on clean eating to help you get started.

7 Tips for Creating Amazing Abs

1. Drink water throughout the day and always have some on hand when doing this challenge.
2. Use portion control.
3. Eliminate refined sugar and white flour. Instead eat whole grains and foods that don’t have added sugar.
4. Avoid sodas…diet included.
5. Speed your metabolism by eating more often, 5-6 times each day. Remember, meals should not be the standard restaurant portions but rather mini meals. Eating on salad plates instead of dinner size plates is a good start.
6. Eat breakfast and you’re more likely to stick to a smaller portions throughout the day. Try the Skinny Ms. Smoothie recipes.
7. After this challenge has ended be sure to continue doing ab workouts three times weekly.

What To Do for the 14 Day Amazing Abs Challenge: Follow the routines below and be sure to take your rest/recovery days. Completing the fat blasters and following a clean eating plan is key to creating Amazing Abs.

Day 1:  4 Minute Fat-Blaster Workout followed by the Beginner’s Flat Abs Workout

Day 2: 4 Minute Belly Fat Blaster and the Ripped Abs Workout

Day 3:  4 Minute Fat-Blaster Workout plus the Flat Belly Workout

Day 4: Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge followed by the Beginner’s Flat Ab’s Workout

Day 5:  REST! Try some full-body cardio exercise to burn fat and eat extra clean today!

Day 6: At Home Fat Burning Workout and the Ripped Abs Workout

Day 7:  Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge plus the Flat Belly Workout

10 Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do At Home

Day 86 Minute Fat-Blasting Workout plus move through the following ab toning exercises 3 times:  20 knee raises, 12 single leg v-sits per leg, 15 double crunches, and 15 side plank dips on each side

Day 9:  Tabata Workout and HIIT Abs Workout

Day 10At Home Fat Burning Workout plus 3 rounds of the ab toners from Day 8.

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Day 11:  Recover! Eat well and take care of your body! Try any of these 25 Flat Belly Foods today, too!

Day 12:  Tabata Workout followed by the Ripped Abs Workout

Day 13:  6 Minute Fat Blasting Workout and the HIIT Abs Workout

Day 14:  It’s the last day of the ab challenge! Do the 4 Minute Fat Blaster Workout, Tabata Workout, AND the ab toning exercises from Day 8. Then smile, you did an amazing job!!

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