15 Bodyweight Workouts You Can Take Anywhere

Your most valuable piece of equipment is your own body!

Traveling? Feeling sluggish in the office? Waiting for the plumber to come, so can’t get to the gym? Fear not! Skinny Ms. has compiled 15 easy bodyweight workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere with no equipment necessary other than your body. So what’s your excuse now for not getting that workout in today? That’s what we thought.

The best part about these exercises, apart from the fact that you need only bring your body and the slightest motivation to get started, is that you can mix and match exercises to target your problem areas and work them into the time you have available. Got five minutes between meetings? Pick an office-sized move from our Weightless Workout and just remember to hydrate before jumping on that 3 o’clock conference call. Stuck in a hotel without a gym? Check out the Use Your Own Body Weight Workout and leave the excuses the front desk.

Need we say more? Never again do you have to let barriers such as no time, no space, or no equipment stop you from getting fit. With Skinny Ms. bodyweight exercises, you have everything you need wherever you go, because all you need is YOU! Now scroll down and get to it.

1. Lower Back Body Weight Workout

2. WeightLESS Workout Challenge
Weightless Workout Challenge

3. Use Your Own Body Weight Workout
Use Your Own Body Weight Workout

4. Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout
Hustle-Up Body Weight Workout

5. Body Weight Super Toning Workout
Body Weight Super Toning Workout

6. 7-Minute Body Weight Blast Workout
7-Minute Body Weight Blast Workout

7. Plyometric Workout Challenge
Plyometric Workout Challenge

8. 4-Week Total Body Workout Calendar

9. 5-Minute Body Weight Workout

10. INFERNO – 4 Minute Fat Burn
INFERNO - 4 Minute Fat Burn

11. 4-Week Body Weight Workout Program

12. 7 Weightless Moves for a Summer Body
Summer Body Workouts

13. 30 Day Pilates Plank Challenge

14. 4 Fat Blasting Moves – Jump To It Tabata Workout!
4 Fat Blasting Moves - Jump To It Tabata Workout!

15. 4 Minutes to Firmer Thighs

Body weight workouts are great at draining your energy. Be sure to refuel with some of these tasty foods and smoothies:
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Quick and Easy Post Workout Foods
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