15 Clean Dinners Prepared in Under 15 Minutes

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Healthy eating should never be a hassle. We’re sharing delish, no-fuss recipes to help you change the way you experience dinner. Dig into these 15 clean dinners that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

One way to save time in the kitchen is to dust off that slow cooker. It makes serving clean dinners so much easier. You can prep the recipe in the morning, then let the meal simmer all day. If you know you’re going to have a crazy-busy morning, load the crockpot before going to bed so the meal cooks overnight. Store the meal in the fridge the next morning and simply reheat at dinner time.

Another time-saving dinner tip is to use frozen veggies when possible. This cuts down on slice-n-dice time, streamlining food prep. It’s also a smart way to save money, especially when you’re cooking with vegetables that are out of season.

No matter which of these clean dinners you add to your menu, you’ll feel great about what you’re serving. Each meal is full of nutritious, whole, and minimally-processed foods that won’t weigh you down with calories and fat.

1. Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Roast

Healthy dinners don’t come much simpler than this one. Just rub spices on the chicken, add veggies and other ingredients, and you’re ready to go!

2. Crock Pot 3-Ingredient Balsamic Chicken

Chicken, salsa, and balsamic vinegar combine in a super-easy, super-tasty supper that’s perfect over brown rice or on a multigrain bun.

3. Skinny Taco Casserole

Skinny Taco Casserole Recipe2
Spice up the dinner table with a dish that’s as easy as it is delicious.  

4. Crock Pot Low-Fat Beef Stew

Slow Cooker Low-Fat Beef Stew Recipe
Indulge in a comfort food recipe that’s not loaded with highly-processed ingredients. Save time by prepping this dish with frozen vegetables.  

5. Pesto Grilled Chicken Breasts

Pesto Grilled Chicken
You’ll never serve store-bought pesto again! This alternative is free from processed ingredients and full of fresh flavor.

6. 5-Minute Prep Tex-Mex Casserole

5-Minute Prep Tex-Mex Casserole Recipe
This casserole recipe will please the cook as much as the diners. It’s an easy make-ahead meal that keeps in the fridge for two days and the freezer for one month.

7. Crispy Baked Parmesan Chicken Breasts

This baked alternative is coated with chopped almonds, giving you the classic taste you want without a shred of guilt.

8. Barbequed Beans and Chicken Joes

Slow Cooker Barbecued Beans & Chicken Joes
Kids of all ages will love this classic recipe, which can be prepared in a skillet, on the stovetop, or in a slow cooker.  

9. Slow Cooker Lemon Chicken

Clean dinners like this let natural flavors shine. This no-hassle recipe includes lemon juice, spices, and chicken thighs.

10. Slow Cooker Polynesian Chicken

Slow Cooker Polynesian Chicken
Whole grains and lean protein combine in a simple dish that comes together in minutes and simmers for 4-5 hours in your crockpot.

11. Slow Cooker Chicken and Rice Casserole

Feel good about what you serve with clean dinners like this recipe. It includes chicken breasts or thighs, peas, carrots, and more.  

12. Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork
Your family members and guests will love this lean, easy dinner, featuring a tangy BBQ flavor that satisfies southern food cravings.

13. Southwestern Black Bean Casserole

Casseroles like this clean-eating meal are easy ways to indulge taste buds on a busy night.

14. Skinny Lasagna Rolls

Put this healthy recipe on your menu to discover why it’s a SkinnyMs. fan favorite. It’s simple to prep, the portions are perfect, and it won’t wreck your waistline.

15. Soft Chicken Tacos

Soft Chicken Tacos
Say “see ya” to processed taco mixes and “hello” to clean-eating goodness with this taco night recipe.  

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