15 Energy Breakfasts Under 250 Calories

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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Yeah, yeah – the cliché echoes like a broken record. But if you make time to squeeze the morning meal into your schedule, you’ll realize it’s more than important – it’s invigorating! Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism and gives you an energy boost that lasts through the morning. The right recipes will curb afternoon cravings and promote healthy lifestyle choices throughout the day.

Here at SkinnyMs., we’ve gathered 15 Energy Breakfasts Under 250 Calories. Packed with nutrition without breaking the calorie bank, this arsenal of light and tasty breakfasts will brighten up your mornings and help you slip into those skinny jeans!

1. Crustless Asparagus Quiche
This fluffy quiche is stuffed with juicy vegetables and savory cheese. A slice weighs in at just 72 calories!

2. Skinny Protein Breakfast Frittata
Rich in antioxidants and heart-healthy nutrients, these breakfast burritos are the perfect balance of cheesy and tangy.

3. Clean Eating Refrigerator Oatmeal
This glorious combination of fiber-rich oats, creamy Greek yogurt, and chia seeds is sweetened with a splash of honey and a hint of cinnamon. Yum!

4. Mini Breakfast Quiche
A grab-and-go breakfast that can be taken to work for that mid-morning craving. With 11 grams of protein this treat is also the perfect workout food.

5. Parmesan & Red Pepper Mini Frittatas
Light and fluffy mini frittatas complete with just the right amount of cheese. This recipe will become a morning favorite.

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