17 Top Weight Loss Foods that Taste Good Too

Compiling a weight loss shopping list?

Compiling a weight loss shopping list? Stock up on these fantastic ingredients, which will contribute to your overall health and may help with your weight management goals, as well. Check out these 17 top weight loss foods that taste good, too.

1. Walnuts
The omega-3 fatty acids and fiber found in walnuts keep you feeling full longer. Try this yummy Salad Recipe topped with apples and walnuts, and enjoy the benefits of healthy fats, lean protein, and lots of fiber.

2. Strawberries
These sweet, juicy berries may actually help you to lose weight by producing the fat-burning hormone adiponectin. Indulge in our Skinny Mini Strawberry Cheesecake without deviating from your clean eating plan.

3. Bananas
One 7″ banana is only about 105 calories and contains loads of vitamins that convert food into energy. How about a Skinny Mini Banana Pudding at only 102 calories?

4. Eggs

Low in calories and high in omega-3’s and protein, eggs provide healthy fuel to burn throughout the day. Try our Crustless Vegetable Quiche for breakfast tomorrow!

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5. Oatmeal
The body processes oatmeal slowly, meaning that it keeps you feeling full longer. It also has beneficial effects on cholesterol levels. Check out our Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal recipe.

6. Flax Seeds
These delicious little seeds make your meal heartier by adding essential fatty acids and fiber. Sprinkle them on top of yogurt, use them in baked goods, blend them into smoothies – the possibilities are endless. Try our Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Granola with flax seeds.

7. Grapefruit
Grapefruit may help liquefy fat in the body. It may also help people feel satiated, limiting overall calorie intake. Enjoy it in this Zingy Pink Grapefruit Soda.

8. Yogurt
Did you know that a study of over 120,000 people found yogurt consumption to correlate with weight loss more than any other food tracked? We recommend low-fat Greek, which is full of protein but not calories. This Curry Greek-Style Yogurt Dip makes a great snack.

9. Hot Peppers
Chilies and other spicy foods boost your metabolism, helping your body burn fat. Enjoy this Chili Lime Grilled Shrimp with Quinoa Pilaf for dinner.

10. Soup
Eating a bowl of low-calorie, nutrient-packed soup before a meal can help you fill up faster. Check out our Flush Away the Fat Vegetable Soup recipe.

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11. Beans
Beans are loaded with fiber to keep you feeling full longer, and they give you enough protein to act as a meat substitute, while keeping the fat count low. Try this Three Bean and Corn Salad for a quick meal.

12. Green Tea
Green tea is not only a drink, but an ingredient in foods as well. It can kick your nervous system into gear, encouraging increased calorie burning. Our Green Tea Mango Smoothie makes for a delicious breakfast or snack.

13. Olive Oil
Olive oil not only helps us maintain and lose weight, but it reduces bad cholesterol levels and contains plenty of nutrients, including vitamin E and carotenoids. Use it in these 3 Easy Vinaigrettes.

14. Avocados
Though they’re fatty, avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats, which help the body get rid of other fats. Eat them plain or enjoy in a dip, such as this Creamy Dip.

15. Watermelon
True to their name, watermelons are full of water. Eating foods with high water content is not only deliciously refreshing in the warmer months, but helps you feel full more quickly as well. Our Watermelon Salad recipe makes a great meal-starter.

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16. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. Have a few squares a day to avoid overindulging in less healthy sweets, or try it in these Dark Chocolate Nut Clusters.

17. Salmon
This fish is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which come with many health benefits including weight loss. Our Wild Salmon Vegetable Salad will hit the spot.

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